Corporate Social Responsibility


‎Give a Life Campaign

Blood donation is a noble activity that saves the lives of those in need and provides the donor with many health benefits, that is why and because of Integrated Technology Group vision to participate in building the community, ITG organized the semi-annual blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Central Blood Bank under the slogan of “Give a life”.
A large number of the company employees and employees of the neighboring companies as well as a few individuals from the local community participated in this noble campaign, which is aimed to saving lives.


Arab Teacher Day

ITG has always strived to develop and facilitate the learning process and enhance it to all its participants from teachers, administrators and students; that is why and In recognition of the importance of the teacher role, ITG joined all Arab teachers on February 25 to celebrate the Arab Teacher Day.

For this special occasion, the company visited Al Amal Secondary School for the Deaf and Princess Alia Secondary School, where we presented a special made cake to the teachers and management, and presented a specially designed board for the students to express their gratitude to their teachers.

On Arab Teacher Day, ITG sent a message of thanks and gratitude to all teachers for their great efforts and their work, which is influential in the rise and development of our society, knowing fully well that all our thanks cannot equal the value of their efforts to our society.


The Green Caravan Initiative

Trees planted by the Green Caravan at the Omar bin al Khattab Mosque in Ghor al Mazra’a.

Two years ago with support from Integrated Technology Group ITG and through the Green Caravan Initiative; 100 guava, lemon and pomegranate trees were planted with the help of volunteers from the “Masar Initiative” and in collaboration with “Al Numeira Environmental Association”; today, the trees have grown and will soon bring an additional source of income for the community and the Mosque.

The Green Caravan Initiative was launched as the second phase of the Deir Allah environmental project, works to combat the lack of green spaces and threats of desertification, overgrazing and urban sprawl in Jordan. The Green Caravan is implemented and executed by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN).

In 2016, ITG proudly sponsored almost 1700 trees and planted them in different regions in Jordan with its employees, APN volunteers, along with a group of orphans from refugees camps.


Smart School Initiatives Second Round

Under the patronage of the ministry of education and in cooperation with Integrated Technology Group, Moseco Group and Zain, a group of teachers were honored in Souf (Basic School for Boys) in Jerash Governorate and Khalda (Secondary School for Girls) in Amman within the Smart Schools Initiatives by delivering certificates of appreciation.

The initiative was launched with the aim of employing state-of-the-art technology to serve the educational process in public schools and replacing traditional teaching methods with advanced digital learning methods based on advanced learning solutions and tablets.





The opening of Knowledge Station at Ghor Al Safi

Under the patronage of Dr.Basim Mobaideen / acting the director of southern Ghor with Number of directors of government departments, community institutions, school principals represented by ITG Group, the Knowledge Technology Center was inaugurated in the southern Jordan Valley Development and Reconstruction Society the cooperative is supported by ITG.

The station aims to empower the local community in the field of information technology to contribute into achieving a sustainable development and building the knowledge economy. The station also includes the latest hardware, software, training tools, projectors and Internet communication with knowledge centers around the world.

Mr. Ali Al-Sadi, the Executive Vice President of ITG, said:

The Company’s vision is in line with the Royal directives aimed at empowering the local community to use multiple technologies to achieve an integrated e-Government within the vision of 2020.

he also added “the company is responsible for the local community and empowering young people and women in disadvantaged communities, we are continuing, individually or in partnership with local development institutions, to launch several initiatives such as the opening of the Knowledge Village at Ghor Fifa and various educational initiatives – Global Programmers Without Borders Initiative – the continuous training programs for university students and the rehabilitation programs of Prince Hamza’s school and other initiatives.”

In his turn, Dr. Basim Mobaideen thanked the management of Integrated Technology Group for its important and pioneering role to serve the people in the region, explaining the importance of developing and supporting the electronic orientation of all segments of the local community.

 About Integrated Technology Group

ITG was found in 1989 one of the leading IT companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States. The company always strive to provide the highest level of service and support to its customers by synchronizing innovative solutions of high quality, enabling individuals and communities to help organizations increase their efficiency and productivity.





Badwa Center for Special Education

As part of Integrated Technology Group vision is to participate in building the community, ITG has hosted the students of Badwa Center for special Education whom are participating in INJAZ program with one of our staff who volunteered to make that happen Ms.Bayan Al-Hunaiti

The students of Badwa Center for special Education made a wonderful work using only their hands, they made some pottery, ceramics, bags, and charity Bazaar Company’s garden.

The company’s manager and employees participated in this event to support Badwa’s centre and its student, students and participants were delighted and drew a smile on their faces.


Zain Smart Schools

Smart Schools Initiative launched in partnership and corporation of Integrated Technology Group, Jordan Education Initiative ad Moseco and Jordan Education Initiative (JEI)
the Smart Schools Initiative in a pilot phase that is applied in three public schools in less fortunate areas in the kingdom.

The “Smart Schools” initiative has deployed the latest technologies to serve the educational process in public schools in order to improve the students’ skills to adapt with the evolving requirements of the digital knowledge community by using advanced educational solutions and tablets.


World Refugees School

ITG is involved in global initiatives that aim to provide access to education for those in need, especially world refugees. ITG is a founding member of the WRS “World Refugees School” in corporation with Brainrush and DAI Global LLC

The World Refugee School (WRS) is a global initiative established by a group of leading technology, education, and international development companies. WRS provides scalable, high-quality education for refugee and forcibly displaced children and youth worldwide.




Programmers with No Limits

A group of students from multiple Jordanian universities visited ITG-Jordan; to learn more about the company, departments, recruitment process and potential job opportunities, products, and operations; in addition to experiencing the company’s culture and networking with HR personnel and staff members. These students are part of a Facebook group called Programmers with No Limits that includes more than 6000 members who are interested in programming and/or studying related majors in the Jordanian universities.