WaveERP® Modules & Components

  • Financial Management System: WaveERP®- Financial depends heavily on planning, budgeting, and budget allocation & monitoring procedures. The WaveERP® - Financial is fully integrated with the payroll, budget forecasting, procurement system, and vehicles management system.
  • Personnel System: WaveERP® - Personnel is built to manage the personal information of employees which will be filled once and used in all the integrated modules such as the payroll, finance, and HR. This module offers solutions to evaluate the performance of the employees' work as well as manage the employee hiring process, contract renewal, promotions, yearly appraisals, awards, vacations, and work termination.
  • Human Resource Development Management: WaveERP® - Human Resource Development Management handles all vacancies, applications and forms. The system also tracks the employees' performance periodically in order to improve productivity.
  • Payroll System: Through WaveERP® – Payroll, salaries are calculated and posted to the Financial Management module. All data related to the employees concerning their deductions, levels and other salaries related data are delivered from the personnel module.
  • Procurement Management: this module is a comprehensive material and services purchasing system. It provides the tools to effectively streamline the purchasing process from need identification to order receipt, in addition to Inventory Management.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory Management system facilitates the processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of Inventory Management involve identifying inventory requirements, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item transactions, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.
  • Fixed Assets Module: Manages profile assets and equipment and optimizes maintenance activities.  It enables asset-intensive organizations to manage their assets' complete life cycle - from requirements identification through procurement, management of the asset during its operational life, and finally, to its decommissioning and disposal.
  • WaveFlow™: A module fully integrated with the WaveERP® that supports the sequential and parallel workflow of documents and mail. WaveFlow™'s main goal is to facilitate daily operations.