Integrated Technology Group Launches ITG America


Leading IT Company Integrated Technology Group announces the launch of its new American Division; ITG America

Integrated Technology Group, a leading provider of IT solutions and technologies, unveiled the formation of its new division based in Boston, USA. Through local professionals and business-development support, this new ITG America division will better serve customers across the Americas, bringing ITG’s e-learning solutions closer to America’s school systems, and enhancing channels of communications between itself and stakeholders.

"We have always been committed to quality and excellence, and we take great pride in contributing towards better promoting Jordan”, says Walid Tahabsem, President & CEO of ITG. “ITG America is created to provide the finest and most sophisticated education-technology solutions, professional consultancy, local business development services, technical services, and on-site support to the US states and countries across The Americas.  The ITG America division will provide customers with high-quality unmatched products and local support. From providing e-learning platforms to e-content development, ITG America is committed to developing high-quality products and working with the leaders in the American markets to deliver complete solutions." Tahabsem added.

As the American arm of Integrated Technology Group, ITG America is responsible for giving clients and partners the opportunity to explore ITG's EduWave® solution the world-renowned e-learning and education management platform. ITG America is fully equipped with the technologies and experience to run and handle projects across The Americas. Moreover, ITG America is uniquely positioned to help large school systems combine their complex needs into a single consolidated and fully-integrated total e-learning solution.

According to Paul Hess, President of ITG America, "The future of our country and arguably our entire planet will depend upon the reach and quality of public education. To fully engage our youth and help each of them reach their maximum potential, we must provide access to an active, stimulating and challenging learning experience. This requires dramatic innovation within the total education process. ITG America is here to enable this evolution, by bringing the world the very best and most-effective education technology ever created."



About Integrated Technology Group (ITG):

Established in Jordan in 1989, Integrated Technology Group operates through three subsidiaries; EPOCH Technologies, JAID Productions, and TriAx Automation, each optimizing its resources and delivering technologies and solutions to the Global Markets in the areas of software development, new media and multimedia solutions, and process automation respectively. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • E-Learning & Educational Management Solutions (EduWave®, and e-Content Development).
  • ERP Solutions for: Government (Government Resource Planning -WaveGRP®), Manufacturing, and Dealership Management (WaveERP®).

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