Integrated Technology Group is sponsoring the hero “Nawras Abzakh”

Circassian Charity Association hosted the sponsorship agreement for the champion of mixed martial Arts (MMA) Nawras Abzakh and Integrated Technology Group and TravelOne.

Mr Walid Tahabsem president of the board of directors of Integrated Technology Group was delighted with this partnership and sponsorship of the hero Nawras Abzakh and considered this as part of the social responsibility that will rest with the company and wished all the best for the player.

From his side the head of Circassian Charity Association Mr Zuhdi Janbak that the Charity is the house for all Jordanians and proud to host this kind of agreement to support the Jordanian champions.

Mr Nidal Qart the CEO of travel one emphasized that the duty of the company is to support the hero Nawras in order to proceed with his global achievements to raise high especially that the game needs to unload a large financial support.




World Refugees school (WRS) attended No Lost Generation (NLG) EduTech Summit

No Lost Generation (NLG) EdTech Summit is a forum where Edtech innovations and projects from the region that support children most impacted by the crisis in Syria. Was held in Amman, Jordan on March 1-2

The goal of the No Lost Generation (NLG) EdTech Summit, is to bring together people from the private, public, and development sectors to showcase and brainstorm tech-based solutions such as eLearning courses, to the education and skills-shortage challenges caused by the crisis in Syria.

The event is part of the NLG initiative, which supports children and youth impacted by the crisis. Launched in 2013, it covers Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

About WRS:

A Global initiative established by a group of leading technology, education, and international development companies. WRS provides a scalable, high quality education for refuges and forcibly displaced children worldwide.



Jordan Strategy Forum

The Integrated Technology Group (ITG) participated in the conference “Towards a National Strategy of Life-long Learning and Open Educational Resources ” a panel discussion held on Tuesday 28/2/2017 at the Princess Sumaya University title as part of the forum Jordanian strategies and the participation of many of the relevant inside and outside Jordan Parties.

Mr.Walid Tahabsem CEO and board of directors of integrated Technology Group talked about “The Impact of private sectors on the advancement of eLearning in Jordan were he began to talk about the history and about the Success Story of integrated technology group which has become the largest in the world with 15 million users, and he also talked about REACH Initiative (REACH), the Association of production and the Jordanian Education Initiative concluded by pointing and emphasize the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve all that.

Be recalled that this session is a national seminar aims to bring together the relevant parties to discuss the current state of e-learning, and analyze the challenges and priorities faced, and available solutions and the extent of its adaptation of the educational process on the ground with a focus regarding undergraduate.


The first comprehensive online portal for medical tourism in Jordan

The ministry of tourism signed a common memorandum of understanding with Integrated Technology Group for marketing Medical Services ((one of ITG’s companies)) to launch the first online portal a comprehensive and specialized development and promotion of therapeutic and health tourism in the kingdom, which is the first of its kind in the area.

Where this portal aims to introduce local tourism therapeutic multi-at the local, regional and international levels and capabilities, plus they will represent the main gate, which will be from to facilitate the process of communication and interaction between patients from within and outside the Kingdom and providers of medical services in Jordan in a readily accessible, efficient and around the clock.
the agreement was signed by Her excellency Ms. Lena annab the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, and Mr. Walid Tahabsem the Chairman and Board of Directors of Integrated Group for marketing medical services.

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EBRD Breakfast, ICT sector development event

Integrated Technology Group attended to the EBRD Breakfast for ICT sectors in 12th of January 2017 held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman.

Integrated Technology Group was selected as one of the international advisory clients to talk about their experience with EBRD

Integrated Technology Group was the very first IT company to participate in EBRD program almost 3 years ago, it has been great support for us in our effort to grow our company through their program to assist SME’s through growth, as their team was flexible and willing to go that extra mile to ensure that we got the proper consultants that aligned with our needs.

ITG was selected as one of the international advisory clients that worked with EBRD to talk about their previous experience

About EBRD:

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helps businesses flourish. Through our financial investments, business services and involvement in high-level policy dialogue, we’re well-placed to promote entrepreneurship and change lives.


Batoul 2

ITG’s VP to step down from her role

Amman, December 22, 2016

Integrated technology Group (ITG) has announced that its Vice President for Business Development Batoul Ajlouni will be stepping down from her role. Batoul has served as the company’s VP since 1999 handling its business development operations in the local, regional, and international markets. She is also a co-founder of JAID Productions, established back in 1989 as the region’s first professional computer graphics and animation company, and acquired by ITG in 1994.

“ITG has been a major part of my life,” Batoul said. “I have proudly helped build this amazing company over the past 27 years with my friends and colleagues. A company that has developed from a local software house into a key player in the global markets. A company that I’m confident, with its great leadership and next generation enthusiasts, will continue to grow and create great technologies and solutions that help empower people and organizations worldwide,” She continued.

The company’s CEO Walid Tahabsem commented: “Batoul has been a major pillar at ITG ever since she assumed her role in business development. ITG will never be the same without Batoul’s daily presence. And although she’s stepping down from operations, her many established footprints will always be there for the new generation to use and build on.”

The transition will take place over the coming year. Batoul however, will remain on ITG’s Board and will continue her involvement in ITG’s key global initiatives.


 — Ends —

About Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

Integrated Technology Group is a leading IT company that was established in 1989, with operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, and the US. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • Educational Solutions: EduWave® e-learning & educational management platform, and e-content development through ITG’s specialized subsidiary JAID Productions.
  • Government/Enterprise Solutions: Government Resource Planning – WaveGRP®, Enterprise Resource Planning – WaveERP®, and Document Management System – WaveDMS®


More information about ITG available at

Media Contact

Business Development Department

Integrated Technology Group

Tel: +962 (6) 461-8133

Fax: +962 (6) 461-8115

E-Mail: sales&



The success story of Integrated Technology Group

150$ spent by Walid Tahabsem on a dinner invitation and registration of a legal guarantee for the project’s first client, was the capital, which was launched by the Integrated Technology Group (ITG) in 1989 in Jordan.

And with the participation of Mohammed Nassar and Ali al-Sadi the company began to offer the first system-wide e-learning Arabs “forms available Wave” EduWave, was the Jordanian Ministry of Education adopted the system in 3200 School, to reach their services to one million and two hundred thousand users.

The seventh of the “entrepreneurs” program highlighted the experience of the integrated group of technology “: ITG”, which has succeeded over the years from a simple launch in skipping the border, and went to the markets of Europe and opened offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

1999 is a major turning point in the company’s path, so I decided to stop production or contracting with new projects for three years, enabling it to develop its systems software and improved significantly.

In 2011 it applied to the educational system’s “ITG” in Saudi Arabia, and selected by the state of New Jersey for US application in its schools, and more recently the company has provided about 1,800 schools in the state of Oklahoma with software education, making it the second US state-dependent learning its system solutions.

The company’s success has been crowned with five awards from the United Nations and others, and the number of users of its system of education reached 15 million user, through more than forty thousand schools around the world.

The head of the board of directors of the company, Walid Tahabsem that “success is to reach the goal, because goals are the compass entrepreneur and a tool to measure the success of his company is emerging, and when determine the direction your compass is your way to get faster.”

The company is keen to choose a suitable working environment to ease the pressure on staff and make them feel comfortable in all fields, thus contributing to them to deliver their best.

To watch the episode, click on the link below:


Walid Tahabsem the new chairman of “Endeavor Jordan”


Amman, December 2016 – Endeavor Jordan’s board of directors has elected Walid Tahabsem as its new Chairman, in addition to naming Nadia Al Saeed to serve as Vice Chair. The appointments were made following a decision by Endeavor Jordan to begin rotating its chairperson position every three years. Meanwhile, Endeavor Jordan also announced Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of United Cables Industries Company (UCIC), as the latest addition to its board.

Walid Tahabsem is the President and CEO of Integrated Technology Group (ITG), an international IT company with operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, and the US. The company provides pioneering tech­nology-enabled solutions to education and public institutions around the globe with clients and users spanning 40 countries. The new Vice Chair, Al Saeed, who represents Bank al Etihad, has been the bank’s CEO since 2007 and is a former Minister of Information and Communications Technology. Furthermore, in addition to his Chairman position with UCIC, new board member Abu Ghazaleh is the Vice Chairman and CEO of the Royal Jordanian Air Academy, Queen Noor Technical College, Arab Wings and Gulf Wings.

Endeavor Jordan’s board is made up of some of Jordan’s most illustrious and influential entrepreneurs and business leaders, who are actively involved in supporting the organization’s efforts to advance the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom, with a specific focus on high-impact, high-growth businesses. In addition to Abu Ghazaleh, board members comprise Arab Bank represented by Randa Sadik; Capital Investments represented by Bassem Al Salem; EY Jordan represented by Waddah Barkawi, Umniah Jordan represented by Ziad Shatara; and Zain represented by Ahmad Hanandeh; as well as, in a personal capacity, former Endeavor Jordan Chairman, Ali Al-Husry of Hikma Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Amjad Aryan of Pharmacy One; Dr. Fawaz Zu’bi of Accelerator Technology Holdings; Maher Kaddoura of Qnnect Capital; Peter Kellner of Richmond Management; Dr. Safwan Masri of the Columbia University Middle East Research Center; and Said Darwazeh of Hikma Pharmaceuticals.

“I am honored to be leading Endeavor Jordan’s board of directors for the next three years, during which we aim to uphold our commitment to providing high-impact entrepreneurs with the guidance, mentorship and support they need to build their capacities and expand their businesses on the local, regional and international levels,” said Tahabsem. “Building on the achievements of Endeavor’s former Chairman, Mr. Ali Al-Husry, who played a pivotal role in bringing Endeavor to Jordan, we shall persist in offering the entrepreneurial services for which Endeavor has become known, striving to fulfill the organization’s mission of bolstering the country’s entrepreneurial scene and thereby contributing to its overall economic development.”

In turn, Al-Husry stated, “It has been a pleasure serving as the Chairman of Endeavor Jordan over the past eight years, during which we have seen the organization take many strides forward in its efforts to accelerate entrepreneurship in Jordan. I am looking forward to continuing to offer my full support to Endeavor Jordan as a member of its board of directors, under the capable and trusted leadership of Mr. Tahabsem.”

Endeavor Jordan aims to catalyze sustainable, long-term economic growth and support the creation of employment opportunities in the local market by accelerating high-impact entrepreneurial companies that have a positive and tangible impact on society. The Organization offers entrepreneurs support through its global network that spans 25 country offices around the world, access to an unrivaled mentorship network, as well as other tools that are essential to achieving entrepreneurial success.



Integrated Technology Group Participates in The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature annual celebration

Integrated Technology Group participated in yesterday’s annual celebration The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
In support of sovereignty over food and natural resources
Integrated Technology Group was participant, sponsor and one of the officials in this achievement and contribution to reach toward making our country Jordan green and a better environment, which has contributed to planting at least 1700 trees.

About APN:
The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN), was established as a member-based non-profit organization in April, 2003 by a group of motivated persons concerned with the protection of the environment and the natural resources in Arab countries against all hazards including the destructive impacts of wars and foreign occupations. APN is managed by a board of directors composed of seven members elected by a general assembly. Its work is guided by the resolve, commitment and dedication of its members and aided by the engagement of its supporters.