The Power of Celebrating Teacher’s Day with EduWave®

Happy World Teacher's Day!

In the world of education, teachers are the architects of inspiration, sculpting the minds of future generations. As we celebrate Teacher's Day, we shine a spotlight on the real heroes who shape our world. 

For decades, EduWave® has been our dedicated companion in this noble journey. It is not just a Comprehensive e-learning educational platform; it is a visionary platform designed to empower educators and revolutionize the learning experience.  

As we honour teachers on Teacher's Day and every day, let us also celebrate the tools that empower them to shape brighter futures. EduWave® has been by our side for years, enriching the teaching experience and elevating education to new heights through its valuable modules:  

EduWave®: Elevating Teacher Excellence 

EduWave® is more than a tool; it is a salute to the dedication, passion, and hard work of teachers worldwide. Let us dive into how this game-changing innovation enhances the remarkable work of educators. 

Engaging Learning Materials 

Even the most extraordinary educators need captivating learning materials. EduWave® equips Teachers with an array of resources to craft immersive content that sparks curiosity and fuels learning. 

Effortless Assessment Management  

Time-consuming assessments and grading are outdated. EduWave® simplifies these tasks, allowing teachers to focus on what truly matters – guiding their students toward knowledge and success. 

Streamlined Administrative Tasks: Administrative burdens often steal precious teaching time. EduWave® comes to the rescue, reducing paperwork and offering efficient tools to manage records, attendance, and more. 

Communication and Collaboration (CC) 

Collaboration is key to effective education. EduWave® fosters an environment where teachers can seamlessly communicate, share resources, and enhance the classroom dynamic. 

Personalized Learning Plans 

Tailoring education to individual students is the essence of teaching. EduWave® supports teachers in this pursuit, offering tools to track progress and adapt strategies as needed. 

Teacher Commenting 

Effective feedback is the cornerstone of growth. Teacher Comments simplify the feedback process, fostering a constructive learning environment. 


With this technology, teachers can run online sessions and parent-teacher conferences, expanding learning beyond the classroom. 

EduWave® and Teacher's Day 

Embodies our commitment to teachers and the future of education. It is a celebration of the tireless dedication of educators and a reminder of the immense impact they have on society. 

In the spirit of Teacher's Day, we invite educators to embrace EduWave® and unlock a world where teaching is more than a profession; it is a transformative journey. Together, we are crafting a future where the light of knowledge shines brighter than ever before. 

Feel free to reach out with questions or to explore the magic of EduWave®. Share this transformative journey with fellow educators and learners.

Join us in celebrating Teacher's Day with EduWave® and honouring the heroes who inspire the world. 

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ITG is simplifying Employee Identities Management

ITG Simplifies Employee Identity Management through Government Initiative

ITG is participating in a governmental initiative aimed at simplifying employee identity management in Jordan. The initiative allows employees to transition from paper-based identity documents to digital ones, giving them access to dynamic government information from anywhere and at any time. Through hosting Sanad's agents, ITG simplifies the process of digitalizing employee identities and enhances their interactions with the government.

Empowering Employees with Digital Identities,

The new transformation empowers employees to create and use digital identities effortlessly, giving them 24/7 access to critical governmental information. This eliminates the need for physical visits to government departments, saving time and effort.

The shift towards digital identities gives employees control over their data and reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud. The current transformation in managing personal information empowers employees with greater control and efficiency in their interactions with government regulations.

Collaborating for a Smoother Experience Thanks to MoDEE collaboration,

employees can now navigate governmental processes and paperwork effortlessly anytime, anywhere. This collaborative effort simplifies complex government regulations for individuals, laying the groundwork for a future characterized by enhanced security and user-friendliness. The collaboration is devoted to making the process of dealing with government rules and regulations smoother and more accessible while maintaining solid security measures.

 A Seamless, Secure, and User-Centric Experience In essence,

we are engaged in ensuring that individuals can navigate their governmental data with ease and confidence in the years to come, providing them with a seamless, secure, and user-centric experience that sets a high standard for future interactions with governmental authorities.

Say farewell to the outdated way of managing your identity and hello to a future where ITG is making your life easier by collaborating with third-party initiatives.

Discover our comprehensive range of services and how they can enhance your business, governmental, and educational institution. Our solutions are designed to take your organization to new heights and achieve greater success.

ITG Partners with Ghoroos Foundation – WaveDMS®

September 2023 - Riyadh, KSA  -Integrated Technology Group (ITG), a leading technology solutions provider, announced its strategic collaboration and agreement signing with Ghoroos Foundation, a distinguished Saudi charity organization operating under the patronage of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The agreement is about an implementation of WaveDMS® as a cloud service, to enhance efficiency and transparency in Ghoroos Foundation's operations. 

WaveDMS®, an advanced Document Management System solution from ITG, is designed to streamline document management processes, reduce paperwork, and ensure secure digital document storage. By implementing WaveDMS®, Ghoroos Foundation seeks to optimize its document handling practices and facilitate seamless collaboration among its various departments. 

Mr. Zaid TahabsemChief Business Development Officer of ITG, said: "At ITG, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to thrive. Our project with Ghoroos Foundation underscores our commitment to supporting organizations that make a meaningful impact on society. With WaveDMS®, we are confident that Ghoroos Foundation will experience enhanced efficiency and transparency in its vital work." 

Ghoroos Foundation, operating with a strong emphasis on social responsibility, is known for its unwavering commitment to foster social development and provide critical support to the Saudi community. This upcoming project with ITG is a pivotal step towards modernizing the foundation's document management practices, allowing it to allocate more resources to its core mission of community betterment.  

About Integrated Technology Group (ITG):

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is an international company with offices in Silicon Valley, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Africa, with a network of strategic partners and representatives in over 20 countries worldwide. This gives ITG an extended reach and flexibility through effective utilization of the combined know-how, experience, and presence of its partners in their respective markets. It also provides ITG with additional support and adds to its core competencies that render it as one of the most competitive, leading IT companies. 

Over the course of more than three decades, Integrated Technology Group has contributed to the automation and conversion of many processes and services from their traditional manual image to electronic systems capable of increasing the effectiveness and productivity of these facilities in many countries of the region, including the implementation of the educational management system project (Noor System) at The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a system concerned with automating the entire educational process in the Kingdom, and e-learning projects in the University of Nizwa, the German University and the Military College in the Sultanate of Oman. 

About Ghoroos Foundation:

Ghoroos Foundation is a distinguished Saudi charity organization operating under the patronage of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Committed the principles of social responsibility, Ghoroos Foundation is recognized for its unwavering dedication to fostering social development and providing essential support to the Saudi community. to 

With a strong emphasis on humanitarian initiatives and community betterment, the foundation plays a vital role in uplifting and empowering individuals and families across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ghoroos Foundation's impactful work aligns with its mission to create a positive and lasting impact on society, making it a respected and valued contributor to Saudi Arabia's social fabric. 


ITG Egypt Transforms Egyptian Tech Universities

June 2023 - Cairo, Egypt - The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced that ITG Egypt has been selected to deploy EduWave® for 7 technological universities in Egypt.

ITG will create a user-friendly Student Information System that allows access to define, manage, and process all data, such as student records, enrollment and grading management, with a comprehensive university dashboard obtaining statistics and data, including all kinds of electronic services for students, professors, administrators, and all employees of Egyptian technological universities, integrated with existing systems.

EduWave® is uniquely designed to support a wide range of educational business functions and includes all the tools that users and administrators need in their daily operational activities, such as Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), Student Information System (SIS), Assessment Management System (AMS), and other systems that are integrated with each other in a transparent and smooth manner.

EduWave® solution won several global and international awards, including the Achievement Award for e-Government Transactions "Serving People Better" (G2C), and the World Summit on the Information Society Prizes (WSIS) for ICT applications in education.

ITG Egypt is a part of the Integrated Technology Group (ITG). Through its expertise and experience in regional and international markets, ITG has implemented many distinguished projects in many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and the USA.

The company's educational solutions have been implemented through its specialized solutions system EduWave® in Jordan, KSA and Bahrain as country-wide deployments. It has been applied in several school directorates in the USA, in addition to other
implementations in major universities and institutes in the Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Syria, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

EduWave Higher-Ed® as a comprehensive solution will create a single source of information for decision-makers, with the capability to generate reports and analyze data easily. The company's strength lies in its ability to implement large-scale solutions and meet education needs at the country level to serve millions of users through the EduWave® e-learning and education management system. Today, the EduWave® ecosystem serves over 25 million users and over 75,000 educational institutions.

"We are honoured to be selected to provide electronic platforms and systems for Egyptian technological universities," said Mohammed Sherif, Managing Director of ITG Egypt. "Our team is committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions that will contribute to the growth and development of education in Egypt."




It is with warm wishes that we announce Mr. Mohammad Nassar’s decision to retire from his position as ITG’s Vice President, Production. His retirement is our loss, but a well-deserved rest for him.

Mr. Mohammad Nassar, or “Abu Ahmad” as so many of us at ITG are fond to address him, is one of ITG’s co-founders and main pillars, who worked tirelessly for over 30 years with extensive hands-on project management experience and underlying software design and development management, His hard work throughout the years has assured our group’s current success.

Countless clients and partners recognize his courtesy and kindness, and have been blessed and honored to work with him over the years.

From all of us at ITG, we wish you all the best and happy retirement, we thank you for all of your hard work and achievements, that helped us over the years.

Best wishes and love from your ITG family Abu Ahmad, we will all miss you!

Integrated Technology Group completes the second phase of e-services automation project at JIC

Director of Professional Services Mr. Bilal Abu Samaha: “Digital transformation is a necessity to stimulate investment and support the business environment.”

Amman — Director of Professional Services at Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Mr. Bilal Abu Samaha stressed the importance of digital transformation at the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) to create a competitive investment environment that is attractive to investors by providing smart, digital channels to enhance the Kingdom’s business environment.

Mr. Abu Samaha added that (ITG) is proud of what has been accomplished at the (JIC), which is the launch of the second phase of e-services at the commission. The new e-services tackle the issuance of visas and residence permits, which are provided through the Ministry of Interior’s commissioner at the (JIC). These new services were developed according to the international best practices in the field of smart government and include optimizing existing procedures and the use of technology, as well as linking all government agencies involved in offering the services. The result is the ability to obtain the required approvals in a quickly and easily, without the need to be physically present at the (JIC) or refer to any other entity. This has shortened the time needed to obtain these services from seven working days to at most one working day. The launch of the second phase of the commission’s e-services comes as a continuation of the cooperation between (ITG) and the (JIC), where 11 e-services related to investor services have already been launched. (ITG) has been working with the (JIC) to complete the automation project of the JIC’s services, which will be the largest services digitization in terms of number of services under the umbrella of a single institution, the (JIC).

Additionally, Mr. Abu Samaha pointed out the importance of the partnership between the private sector, represented in this project by (ITG), and government institutions to enable the digital transformation process that the government is currently implementing within its various institutions, including the investment commission.

On Sunday, August 16, 2020, the Minister of Interior Mr. Salameh Hammad launched 11 automated e-services at the Ministry of Interior, which were provided through the Interior Ministry’s commissioner at the (JIC) and in the presence of (JIC) Chairman Dr. Khalid W. Wazani and (JIC) Secretary General Mr. Faridon Hartouqa.

The launch of these services aims to facilitate the business and investment environment in Jordan. These services include: granting residence permits to investors, granting residence permits to workers, extending temporary residence permits, cancelling residence permits, renewing visas, separating the residence permit, granting visas to investors and their relatives, and providing recommendations for the issuance of temporary passports.

Founded in 1989, (ITG) is an international, dynamic, and innovative IT company with a global presence. It specializes in interoperable e-learning platforms for K-12 schools and higher education institutions, as well as scalable government/enterprise resource planning solutions. (ITG) has successfully deployed its flagship platform EduWave® nationwide in three countries, bringing together 15 million users and tens of thousands of individual educational institutions.


ITG is pleased to announce the release of (EduWave K-12 – 5.4), the latest version of its award-winning comprehensive e-learning solution that serves all levels of a school and its broader education community. EduWave® brings together students, teachers, parents, and school administrators and comprises many seamlessly interacting modules. Its scalability and versatility allow it to be integrated with a school’s existing systems as well as enable it to grow in scope as the school grows. EduWave® comprises a learning management system (LMS), student information system (SIS), communication and collaboration tools (CC), as well as an assessment management system (AMS).

We’re constantly working to provide EduWave users with the best possible experience, and version 5.4 is no exception. So what’s new in version 5.4?

EduWave® AMS was exposed to the biggest updates. With the introduction of passages, you’ll now be able to add passages to assessment questions. More than that, the introduction of passage banks allows several passages to be linked to a single question and vice versa. This ensures that data is kept consistent across the entire system, which facilitates passages’ convenient import and export.

Due to the ongoing COVID–19 pandemic, many schools are having to implement changes in their classrooms to ensure social distancing. With EduWave’s resource optimizer, administrators can conveniently recalculate classroom parameters to ensure sufficient distances between desks are being maintained while being efficient in their resource allocations.

Finally, aside from bug fixes, our development teams have worked tirelessly to implement many quality-of-life enhancements, such as clearer, more intuitive menus, without any lost functionality; allowing teachers and students to individually personalize how their course material is organized; giving users a way of uploading content directly from their dashboards; making the transfer of a student between courses a more streamlined experience; setting up courses between semesters and school years much more simple.

ITG is dedicated to continuously provide its clients with the best products and user experience. We at ITG believes that dedication to customer satisfaction, integrity, and the determination to provide the highest quality service must always be our highest priority, to sustain and nurture any business relationship.


We are officially back at the office! As of today, ITG Jordan is back to business as “usual”.

To ensure that we can welcome our clients safely, we’ve taken precautionary measures. Our efforts include: installing disinfection stations, which spray an alcohol-water mist; making hand sanitizer readily available; checking temperatures regularly; maintaining social distancing within the workplace; and providing everyone with masks and gloves.

Our employees’ and clients’ safety remains our top priority. By strictly adhering to government regulations, we hope to minimize any risks associated with our return. We at ITG wish you all continued good health during this COVID–19 crisis.


ITG is continually working to improve its software and services to best meet its customers’ needs. As part of the efforts to improve its products, and after 30 years of service, the time has come to retire support for WaveGRP® 1.0 Desktop. This support suspension is scheduled for December 31st, 2020.

Maintenance for WaveGRP® 1.0 Desktop will continue to be provided until December 31st, 2022. New releases and updates of WaveGRP® will be provided only through WaveGRP® cloud services.

As the development of its products and services continues, ITG encourages its customers to consider a migration plan to WaveGRP® cloud services, to benefit from its new features, enhancements, and increased flexibility.

For more information regarding the support schedule, please contact your support representative or contact the Technical Support Center at +962 6200 1566