Some of ITG’s main functions are centered around its Professional Services Department, which through all related professional services are implemented for our clients.

ITG works through a set of interrelated methodologies that cover project management, project implementation, and systems development. These methodologies are structured yet flexible, and are based on years of experience, international best practices, and industry standards.


Project Management


Hosted within the Professional Service Department, ITG’s Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for the management of ITG’s projects and implementations. Our PMO includes a team of highly qualified and industry-certified professionals that aim to apply their knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques into the various project activities.

ITG follows a standard project management methodology that is based on years of experience, international best practices, and industry standards based on the Project Management Institute (PMI), PMI’s “PMBOK® Guide”, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

This combination of knowledge, experience, tools, and industry-certified professionals empowers ITG and ensures the effective implementation and delivery of its innovative products and solutions within their scope, budget, and timeline.


During In the decades since its founding, ITG has acquired and accumulated in-depth expertise in developing unique solutions and technologies. The company works through a standard methodology and approach to design, develop, and implement its solutions based on open architecture and international industry standards.

ITG focuses on developing innovative solutions that are comprehensive, reliable, user-friendly, flexible, interoperable, secured, scalable, and maintainable.

These factors result in providing ITG’s clients and partners with high-value solutions and technologies at a reduced total cost of ownership. ITG’s implementation methodology is a combination of the standards set by the PMI and ITG’s own experience. This methodology covers the whole project life cycle from initiation to project closure.


Proper training and knowledge transfer to related stakeholders is an important aspect of solution implementation that ensures sustainability and effective use of the delivered solutions.

ITG implements this through various activities during the project implementation cycle, the extent of which depends on the nature, size, and complexity of the project and client entity.

ITG’s standard training courses and specialized training sessions are designed specifically with the target audience in mind, and are conducted by ITG’s professional trainers at its services department.

Technical Support

ITG provides technical support to its clients through its in-house professional services specialists and/or through trained ITG partners that are certified to conduct such technical support in their respective regions.

ITG’s experts are armed with technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities that allow them to achieve the best results and minimum unplanned systems downtime, all in line with the projects’ size, nature, and objectives, within standard procedures.