WaveERP® is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution. It comprises modules and components that cover areas including, but not limited to, financial management, personnel, HR, payroll, procurement, inventory, fixed assets, correspondence systems. All of these are seamlessly integrated into the platform, allowing departments to work together in the most effective manner and organizations to increase their efficiency and productivity across the board.

WaveERP® automates and streamlines all facets of an organization’s operations. It is a cross-functional solution, with each module representing a complete business cycle that both integrates and feeds into the other modules. This eliminates data redundancy and makes information instantly available to those who need it. Make the most of the data you have so that the people who need to know do know. Informed decisions can only be made based on accurate information, which translates into a more efficient workplace. The solution also helps improve accountability across departments and provides management with macro-level decision making based on consolidated real-time data and reports.

WaveERP® Modules & Components

  • Financial Management: WaveERP® Financial is a comprehensive financial management solution that supports a wide variety of accounting and entry methods, currencies, and budgeting, planning, and monitoring procedures that help organizations increase their productivity and performance, save time, and reduce the traditional costs and risks associated with process optimization.

    The system is web-based, bilingual, user friendly, and includes built-in real-time posting; it is a single repository for all organizational financial information. It thus eliminates redundancies, provides online access to all resources, and reduces the time and effort spent storing and retrieving information. Its open structure provides a scalable and flexible solution that can be tailored to an organization’s specific business needs.

    Its main features include:
     Chart of Account
     General Ledger
     Accounting Journals
     Accounts Receivable Management
     Accounts Payable Management
     Checks Management
     Budgeting and Planning
     Cash Management

  • Personnel Management: WaveERP® Personnel manages all of your employees’ personal information, which feeds into all the other integrated modules including payroll, finance, and HR, among others. The organization’s structure can be defined, as well as the relationships between the various departments and divisions. This forms the basis of and streamlines all the organization’s communication and workflow processes.

    Throughout an employee’s time at a company, they generate a lot of paperwork that has to be recorded. With WaveERP® you won’t have to run around looking for those records. They will always be available when you need them. This module offers solutions to evaluate employees’ work performance as well as manage employee processes such as hiring, contract renewal, promotion, yearly appraisal, vacations, work termination, and more.

    Its main features include:
     Dynamic System Setup
     Employee Profile Management
     Reminders Functionality
     Employee Contract Management
     Employee Attendance
     Leaves and Vacations Management
     Reports

  • Human Resource Management: WaveERP® HR offers your business the foundations for linking business strategy to human resource management efficiently and effectively. Provide employees with an environment that stimulates their personal and professional development while raising their performance levels.

    WaveERP® HR offers enterprises an improved level of organization as it relates to business cycle structure; comprehensive job descriptions and requirements give every employee an overview of what they can be doing to develop their capabilities in both the short and long term. More mundane administrative tasks can be automated and streamlined to allow you to focus more on employee productivity.

    A wide variety of employee data can be collected and analyzed for greater insight into your workplace’s efficiency, whether it’s for monitoring employee attendance or recommending an employee for a training course.

    Its main features include:
     Dynamic System Setup
     Job Descriptions
     Training Management
     Performance Management
     Appointment Process
     Vacancy Management
     Reports

  • Payroll Management: WaveERP® Payroll provides organizations with the flexibility and accuracy to compute employee salaries in such a way as to reduce human error to almost zero. Elements from tax and tax exemptions to promotions and appraisals can be defined. Detailed reports can be generated on a range of topics, and the module allows for any configuration of employees and salary calculations.

    Alongside this, the module provides employees with a breakdown of their salaries each month, improving communication between the financial department and the rest of the organization. Employee information from the personnel module feeds into the payroll system. In addition, any information from other modules directly feeds into the payroll system automatically.

    Its main features include:
     Dynamic System Setup
     User-Friendly Formula Editor
     Salary Scale Management
     Salary Transaction Management
     Benefits Management
     Deduction and Penalty Transactions
     Tax Calculation and Exception Management
     Multi-Loan Distribution Management
     Salary Analysis
     Pivot Analysis

  • Procurement Management: WaveERP® Procurement is a comprehensive material and services purchasing system. It provides the tools to effectively streamline the purchasing process from need identification to order receipt, in addition to inventory management. Everything from material goods to maintenance equipment and travel visas can be tracked and monitored, ensuring that the quality, quantity, and timeliness of equipment, materials, and services are guaranteed so your organization can keep doing what it does best, without unforeseen interruptions.

    Reminders can be set for when orders have to be refilled to guarantee the continuity of operations. Additionally, employees can use predefined workflow procedures to request consumable items, assets, and services as well as report damaged equipment and more.

    Its main features include:
     Shipping Setup
     Vendors Master Profile Management
     Purchase Requests
     Purchase Orders
     Quotation Requests
     Purchase Opening Balance
     Purchase Contracts
     Guarantees Management
     Reminders Functionality

  • Inventory Management: WaveERP® Inventory facilitates the processes of maintaining the appropriate levels of stock in a warehouse. The activities of the system involve identifying inventory requirements, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item transactions, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.

    The inventory management system facilitates the processes of maintaining sufficient levels of stock in a warehouse. Traditionally, stock management — the backbone of any organization — takes up a lot of time and resources. This module streamlines and automates a wide variety of routine and mundane tasks, allowing businesses to slash their inventory costs while providing them with tools to maintain a tight control of stock levels.

    WaveERP® Inventory gives you a robust inventory management system that helps you organize and accurately control inventory transactions, product costs, and material usage. It simplifies daily tasks and maximizes users’ productivity with automated features.

    Its main features include:
     Items Master Data Management
     Storage Specifications
     Warehouse Management
     Supplies Requests
     Item Requests and Vouchers
     Opening Balances
     Warehouse Stocktaking
     Warehouse Transfer Transactions
     Multiple Branch Management

  • Fixed Assets Management: WaveERP® Fixed Assets gives organizations the ability to conveniently track and monitor their fixed assets and equipment in terms of quantity, location, valuation, maintenance, and depreciation, among others. From acquisition to decommission, this module handles every step of an asset’s life cycle. By tying each asset to a barcode, information about an individual piece of equipment can be retrieved at will.

    Through this module, assets can be assigned to specific people, teams, departments, and more, or allocated to a specific office or floor.

    Its main features include:
     Procurement History
     Ease of Use
     Business Process Automation
     Demonstrable Compliance
     Groups and Assets Register
     Opening Balances
     Asset Acquisition
     Asset Transaction
     Stocktaking Process
     Map
     Reports

  • WaveFlow™: WaveFlow™ is a fully integrated business automation tool that allows organizations to automate the workflow of their day-to-day operations. Workflow between individuals and departments, regardless of the process’ complexity, can be defined and monitored. Its open architecture allows for it to be easily integrated with other systems.

    With WaveFlow™ information is channeled to the people who need to know, when they need to know it. Users are automatically notified of pending work and managers gain a clear overview of requests and procedures for them to approve or deny. It reduces redundancies and minimizes human error and lapses in control. Avoid hold-ups in workflow by defining deadlines and offering alternative conditional routes in the event of no reply.

    Conveniently and easily create new workflow processes with a powerful designer that forgoes the need to learn complex programming languages. Its intuitive design allows anybody to create precise and clear processes that are tied to job positions rather than individual users.