LMS for Teachers

Enhance your learning materials and student engagement

Create custom, engaging learning materials that will connect with your students.

Even the greatest teachers can benefit from engaging learning materials. Creating engaging learning materials that connect with students is the hallmark of great teaching. With the help of EduWave® LMS, you will have the tools and time to focus on this.

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EduWave Author™ and BookZero™ (Digital Smart Textbook Format)

The EduWave® authoring tool will help you create stunning and engaging learning materials in no time. With the user-friendly What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWYG editor, you need not learn complicated coding languages to create beautiful learning materials. Our cutting-edge digital textbook format, BookZero™, allows you to make learning more fun and engaging for students. With the ability to link to or embed rich-media learning objects, you can engage with students more effectively and help them absorb the required material more efficiently.

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Our Smart Teacher™ technology takes student preparation to the next level by monitoring student performances on assessments and suggesting specific learning materials to enhance their performance.

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Learning Plan Manager

With the learning plan manager you can easily review the progress of each student in relation to the learning plan you created at the beginning of the year. You will also have the ability to pull statistical reports about your class’s progress and performance.

SIS for Teachers

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on teaching; Spend more time doing what you love.

Between managing student records, taking attendance, grading papers, creating progress reports, and spending your time on other menial administrative tasks, when are you actually free to teach? EduWave® SIS was developed in order to give teachers more time to actually do what they love: teaching. That is why we packed it full of tools to cut time spent on grading, information management, and attendance down to the absolute minimum.


Attendance and Discipline Trackers

Attendance taking can be a burden and takes up crucial teaching time. This is why we have included an attendance system in our platform that will cut back on that wasted time. You even have the option to link the system with identification devices like fingerprint scanners or card readers so that each student can check themselves into class.


Assessment Management Suite and GradeBook™

A comprehensive set of assessment and assignment management tools have been included to make the creation, review, and grading of assessments and assignments much easier. An intuitive assessment creation wizard helps you create engaging assessments with the ability to use rich media in both questions and answers.

Another of these tools is a complete grading system that automatically grades the assessments, allows you to leave teacher comments, and gives students feedback on what materials to study to enhance their performance.

CC for Teachers

Connect with your students on an even higher level. Improve your students' learning by staying connected

Have you noticed how much happier and more productive students are when they get to work together on a project? Harness the power of collaboration by enabling your students to work together on projects through easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools.

Shared experience enhances learning and teaching

Sharing experiences and learning materials can be a huge boost to your teaching abilities. Collaboration between teachers is a great benefit to the entire education community because you can share your favorite learning materials and enhance your students’ learning experience. You also have the opportunity to learn from other teachers’ experiences and become an even better teacher.


Teacher Commenting

Teacher Comments makes it easy for you to leave feedback for students and parents about assignments, assessments, and other important tasks. These remarks remain on the student profile so that they can be referenced at any time.



Using the latest technology, EduSession™ will allow you to run online group sessions or parent-teacher conferences with video conferencing. During the conference, you can share any online content you would like to and continue teaching outside of school.

Developing skills for life

EduWave® CC has been developed to help you connect and collaborate with students, other teachers, and parents. Through collaboration, you can help students develop the skills they need for life after school.

Please let us know if there is anything you think we have missed or if you would like to learn more about any of the previously mentioned features. Also, if you like what you see here, please take a moment to share it.