LMS for Administrators

Promote productivity and engagement in your schools

Increase your graduation rates and prepare your students for the future with easy to use performance monitoring and strengthening tools.

It can become an enormous task to make sure that your students are on track for graduation let alone ensuring they are learning the right skills for life after school. This is why we not only offer tools, like a built-in learning plan that make it easier to monitor your student’s progress toward graduation, but also give you the power to ensure they are learning the skills they will need for the future.



Learning Standards Approach

Our Learning Standards approach allows you to handle much of the work during the initial setup process and, from there, it is just a matter of maintaining and updating the system or standards. During the initial setup, teachers will link the learning material they create or import to the learning standards you want to achieve. The system will then monitor and report on each student's progress through these standards.



Smart Teacher™

Our Smart Teacher™ technology takes student preparation to the next level by monitoring student performances on assessments and suggesting specific learning materials to enhance their performance.



Cloud Based & Easy Integration

The EduWave® platform is completely hosted in the "cloud" so you do not have to buy expensive hardware or worry about bug fixes and updates. The system can also be integrated with other systems that you are currently running so you do not have to replace or discard your current systems.



Varied Assessment and Assignment Types

Another great tool for enhancing student engagement and performance is variety, and with its numerous types of assessments and assignments, EduWave® definitely has it. One of the most powerful types of assessments offered through EduWave® is the Adaptive Assessment, which evaluates the student while they are taking it and adjusts the question difficulty based on their performance.


SIS for Administrators

Manage and improve your school with confidence

Spend less time on remedial tasks so you can focus on improving your school and district.

Finding the time to focus on truly improving your school or district can be difficult when you are bogged down by administrative work. This is why we have developed tools that cut back or completely eliminate remedial admin tasks.



Report Cards & Transcripts

Nearly eliminate the task of creating report cards and transcripts with the report card and transcript tools in our GradeBook™ system. With grade approval throughout the year, creating transcripts or report cards is as simple as reviewing the grades, hitting the approve button and printing or emailing the resulting report.



Schedule & Information Management

Creating and managing schedules is a breeze with the Master Schedule System. You can review and approve Teacher, Student and Administrator schedules in one easy-to-access place. Access to the master schedule gives you the insight to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. Accessing or updating Teacher and School information is quick and easy through EduWave® SIS. With our grading scale and period management tool, you can easily approve Teacher's grading scales and grading periods.



EduWave EMIS®

In addition to the reporting and data management tools we have added another advanced layer of decision support. The Education Management Information System takes the data from the SIS, using dynamic “Power Query” reports, and helps you determine the key performance indicators for your school. These KPIs can then be combined with analytical models, through the Education Decision Support System, in order to generate ideas for improving the performance and efficiency of your schools. The easy to navigate interface gives you access to cutting-edge information and decision support technology that you cannot find anywhere else.


CC for Administrators

Promote collaboration within your school district

Promote collaboration between schools in your district with fun and easy-to-use tools.

Within any organization information tends to get misinterpreted as it is handed down through the different levels of the organization and this is especially true of education organizations. This is why EduWave® CC includes a variety of easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools. When everyone is on the same page and collaborating toward a common goal, things get done much quicker and to higher level of quality.




Do you ever just wish you had one of those billboard trucks that you could drive through the community with important messages for your students, parents, teachers, and administrators? Well,  now you can have something better! Using the Bulletin-Board tool, you can share messages with your entire education community in the one place you know they will see it, where they have to go to do their work.




Communication came a long way with the invention of email and now you can have it integrated with all the other tools you use to manage your day-to-day tasks.