Build a new backbone for better governmental performance

The unique processes and needs of the public sector have always presented a challenge. A government resource planning (GRP) system should be able to handle all critical and possibly confidential functions across various governmental levels. These functions include, but are not limited to: financial management, payroll, fixed assets, HR, personnel, document management and archiving, inventory, procurement, vehicle management, communications, and workflow.
ITG has turned this into a simple reality with WaveGRP®; one of the most trusted, affordable and comprehensive solutions in the marketplace. WaveGRP® fully integrates with all systems across federal departments, bringing value to every functional area. WaveGRP® provides real-time visibility into operations, specifically for executives, managers, and resource planners, to help them make efficient and profitable strategic decisions to achieve core business goals.

Benefits of Choosing WaveGRP®:

Faster and more cost-effective solution: the system helps government entities increase public administration efficiency and performance, resulting in decreased operational costs and better service quality to citizens in less time.

A step ahead of administrative government requirements: WaveGRP® increases visibility, internal controls, and reporting tools to carry out administrative and financial work efficiently and effectively.

Global accessibility: Any user with internet connectivity can access WaveGRP® anywhere at any time.

Elevates all governmental operations to the next level of efficiency & growth: WaveGRP® is optimized for multi-channel departments, supporting efficient operations and enabling government agencies to provide new administrative services.

Seamless integration and fully automated: a single solution bundling top financial capabilities with document management and workflow systems. WaveGRP® offers you the ability to operate in a user friendly paperless environment.

Hybrid approach: Its effective hybrid model eliminates inefficiencies produced by multiple systems and provides the ability to produce and harness accurate data and impact learning at a larger scale.

Key Functionalities:

  • Ease of implementation with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Smooth data integration, and detailed documentation
  • Web–based system with real–time access
  • Efficient multilingual system with translation and layout/editing capabilities
  • Document archiving for storing, managing and retrieving your documents with ease
  • Powerful multi-level security with advanced encryption
  • Intelligent analytical and reporting tools for sharper decision-making
  • Fully modular, enabling additional add-on functionality
  • Communication server & messaging solution (including e-mail & SMS)
  • Historical login-files & audit trails
  • Advanced search and categorization system