Build a new backbone for better governmental performance

The unique processes and needs of the public sector have always presented a challenge. A government resource planning (GRP) system should be able to handle all critical and possibly confidential functions across various governmental levels.

ITG has turned this into a simple reality with WaveGRP. It comprises modules and components that cover areas including but not limited to, financial management, personnel, HR, payroll, procurement, inventory, fixed assets, and correspondence systems. All of these are seamlessly integrated into the platform, allowing public-sector organizations to achieve their goals more effectively, communicate and handle data securely, and increase their efficiency and productivity across the board.

WaveGRP® automates and streamlines all facets of a governmental organization’s operations. It is a cross-functional solution, with each module representing a comprehensive management system that both integrates with and feeds into the other modules. This eliminates data redundancy and makes information instantly available to those who need it. Informed decisions can only be made based on accurate and actionable data, which translates into a more efficient workplace and improved public services. WaveGRP® also helps improve accountability across and within departments by allowing administrators to monitor the execution and implementation of programs and policies and provides management with macro-level decision making based on consolidated data and reports.

The key benefits of WaveGRP®:

Cost-effectiveness and rapid deployment: The system allows government entities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their public administration, which results in the reduction of operational costs and the improvement of quality and the increase in the speed of delivery of essential services to citizens.

The ability to rapidly adapt to legislative changes: WaveGRP® gives public agencies the ability to conform to any changes in legislation and governmental policy. It also increases accountability, internal controls, and reporting tools to carry out administrative and financial work efficiently and effectively.

The provision of a solid foundation on which to build the next generation of governmental services: WaveGRP® is optimized for multichannel departments, supporting efficient operations, and enabling government agencies to provide new administrative services.

Seamless integration and automation: WaveGRP® bundles comprehensive financial management tools as well as document management and workflow systems. The platform offers you the ability to operate in a user-friendly, paperless environment.

Its hybrid approach: Its effective hybrid model eliminates the inefficiencies that inevitably emerge when using a patchwork of multiple systems and provides the ability to produce and harness accurate data, giving public administrators greater insight, oversight, and control.

Key Functionalities:

  • Ease of implementation with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Smooth data integration, and detailed documentation
  • Efficient multilingual system with translation and layout/editing capabilities
  • Document archiving for storing, managing, and retrieving your documents with ease
  • Powerful multilevel security with advanced encryption
  • Intelligent analytical and reporting tools for sharper decision-making
  • Fully modular, enabling additional add-on functionality
  • Communication server & messaging solution (including e-mail & SMS)
  • Historical login-files & audit trails
  • Advanced search and categorization system