The Comprehensive   Government Resource Planning   Solution

The Comprehensive Government Resource Planning System

The public sector’s unique processes and needs require an equally unique solution. Government agencies and departments’ activities, either directly or indirectly, impact every aspect of society, and a government resource planning (GRP) system should therefore be able to handle all critical and possibly confidential functions across every governmental level.

With streamlined governmental services, citizens can spend more time being productive members of society, more thoughtful friends and partners, and more engaged parents. That streamlining can only occur when decision makers, managers, and resource planners have access to accurate and actionable data.

With WaveGRP® you’re bringing a fully integrated, secure, and cost-effective solution into play. Now is the time to equip your organization with the tools it needs to overcome the bureaucracy that used to be unavoidable. WaveGRP®’s modules consist of Financial, Personnel, Human Resources, Payroll, Procurement, Inventory, Fixed Assets, and WaveFlow™. Every module is a robust management system in its own right and will allow you to minimize previously insurmountable inefficiencies. The central feature of WaveGRP® is its security, allowing you to safeguard citizen’s private data.

The Comprehensive
Document Management
and Archiving

The Comprehensive Document Management and Archiving Solution

Organization and technology have become inseparable. It’s no longer possible to discuss organizational document management without bringing up technology. This is true for businesses of any size, and in any sector. More than being simply one of the many tools in an organization’s toolkit, it has become the most fundamental way of meaningfully impacting efficiency and lowering costs.

WaveDMS® is an innovative and cost-effective document management system that handles everything from documents to mail and attachments. We know that your time and money are valuable and we understand that digitizing years of paperwork can be a daunting task. This is why we’ve packed WaveDMS® with a range of innovative methods that minimize the time and energy you’ll have to spend to bring your organization into the digital age. That effort isn’t wasted, either. Never again will you have to dig through physical folders and files to find a document. WaveDMS®’s powerful retrieval tools will make looking up documents a painless experience.