Corporate Social Responsibility


Badwa Center for Special Education

As part of Integrated Technology Group vision is to participate in building the community, ITG has hosted the students of Badwa Center for special Education whom are participating in INJAZ program with one of our staff who volunteered to make that happen Ms.Bayan Al-Hunaiti

The students of Badwa Center for special Education made a wonderful work using only their hands, they made some pottery, ceramics, bags, and charity Bazaar Company’s garden.

The company’s manager and employees participated in this event to support Badwa’s centre and its student, students and participants were delighted and drew a smile on their faces.



Zain Smart Schools

Smart Schools Initiative launched in partnership and corporation of Integrated Technology Group, Jordan Education Initiative ad Moseco and Jordan Education Initiative (JEI)
the Smart Schools Initiative in a pilot phase that is applied in three public schools in less fortunate areas in the kingdom.

The “Smart Schools” initiative has deployed the latest technologies to serve the educational process in public schools in order to improve the students’ skills to adapt with the evolving requirements of the digital knowledge community by using advanced educational solutions and tablets.



World Refugees School

ITG is involved in global initiatives that aim to provide access to education for those in need, especially world refugees. ITG is a founding member of the WRS “World Refugees School” in corporation with Brainrush and DAI Global LLC

The World Refugee School (WRS) is a global initiative established by a group of leading technology, education, and international development companies. WRS provides scalable, high-quality education for refugee and forcibly displaced children and youth worldwide.




Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF)

ITG is an active board member of the Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) which is an entity that encourages and helps in advocating for positive changes in the country in various aspects.

One of the involvements of ITG in labour related rights and activities is being one of the key initiators of a special initiative to be coordinated through JSF and with the Jordanian Ministry of Labour, to help improve not only the overall labour situation in the country, but also improve the country’s business environment related to labour.



Programmers with No Limits

A group of students from multiple Jordanian universities visited ITG-Jordan; to learn more about the company, departments, recruitment process and potential job opportunities, products, and operations; in addition to experiencing the company’s culture and networking with HR personnel and staff members. These students are part of a Facebook group called Programmers with No Limits that includes more than 6000 members who are interested in programming and/or studying related majors in the Jordanian universities.





Volunteer with INJAZ

INJAZ carried out a marketing campaign “Volunteer with INJAZ” inside the private sector companies, and ITG was part of this campaign, where the Social Committee helped distribute electronic material to all our ITG-Jordan employees including posters, videos, and impressive statistics to brief them about INJAZ voluntary programs and courses, and highlight the impact ITG’s volunteers have on the communities within which it operates.

The Volunteer Application is sent to all employees seeking their participation, and as we have been informed by the Social Committee, we have 8 volunteers until this very moment, and you still have the chance if you would like to volunteer by sending them an email with the filled application attached.



The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

Integrated Technology Group is a part of the Arab group for protection of the environment and the natural resources in Arab countries against all hazards including the destructive impacts of wars and foreign occupations. ITG was one of the officials in this achievement and contribution to reach toward making our country Jordan green and a better environment, which has contributed to planting at least 1700 trees.



“Ibdaa” foundation student training

As part of ITG’s community outreach program, ITG provide training to students of “Ibdaa” foundation, youths that are under privileged.

The sessions are about development life cycle and communication skills.

The development life cycle includes an interactive and fun activity about requirements fulfillment using Lego; making the delivered information easier to understand. (It is so much fun and the students are very happy, excited, curious, and ready to learn new stuff).

ITG keeps empowering youth ♥



Knowledge Stations

ITG carries out various CSR programs. Such programs focus on the areas of education and empowerment of youth and women in underprivileged communities.
As an example of one of ITG’s CSR programs is the “Knowledge Stations” (community centres) that ITG sponsors in various communities.
ITG has established this initiative in partnership with local NGOs and CSOs.
These Knowledge stations are developed with the aim to provide the women, men and children in these communities with access to technologies to help them develop their skills and improve their employability and job opportunities.