Corporate Social Responsibility

The importance of social solidarity in Ramadan

Through its Ramadan campaign, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) confirms the importance of social solidarity and its various initiatives in contributing to economic growth and strengthening social ties among all segments of Jordanian society.

We believe that social solidarity is of great importance on any given day, yet its importance increases during the Holy month of Ramadan, especially in the difficult circumstances that our society is going through as a result of the coronavirus crisis and its social and economic repercussions on all segments of society. Also, we would like to emphasize the importance of this principle in the generalization of good deeds, especially among chaste families in need who are suffering greatly due to difficult economic circumstances.

ITG distributed many charity food packages to many chaste families in Amman this week as part of our community initiatives aimed at strengthening the ties of contact with the community during the holy month.

The planning and distribution of these packages were funded by business and employee contributions and were coordinated with the company’s social committee to engage workers in the process of social unity in order to bring a smile to the faces of chaste families in need.

ITG affirms its commitment to supporting people in need over the years by making financial contributions and coordinating charitable efforts from within the organization, as it has done in previous years.

Founded in 1989, (ITG) is an international, dynamic, and innovative IT company with a global presence. It specializes in interoperable e-learning platforms for K-12 schools and higher education institutions, as well as scalable government/enterprise resource planning solutions. (ITG) has successfully deployed its flagship platform EduWave® nationwide in four countries, bringing together 25 million users and tens of thousands of individual educational institutions.

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Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Supports Eradeh for Children and Youth with Diabetes

Based on its social responsibility and the principle of social solidarity, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) participated in a CSR Initiative through visiting Eradeh for children and youth with diabetes, as one of the initiatives the Company is participating in to support the local community.

Eradeh is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting diabetes patients with Type 1 (T1D) and Type 2 diabetes (T2D) who do not have health insurance or living with a low income. The Center aims to promote good diabetes care, educates patients and their caregivers, and to provide the means of doing this through sustainable services and activities.

The project started with a group of people who have diabetes sharing the same dreams and vision to help children’s with diabetes. Later, this dream becomes a reality, and they dedicated themselves to support their mission as they get the continuous support through different funding from many companies in Jordan.

Today, Eradeh has 125 children’s to get their treatments such as insulin, but Eradeh center services are not limited to only providing medicine, because the diabetes children might have self-frustration. Consequently, Dr. Sima Al Kawaldeh- the Center CEO – and her social worker’s are trying to provide everything they can to make these children’s happy; similar to taking them for a trip or a summer camp and giving them awards when they maintain the level of diabetes. This caused all Eradah children’s to enjoy visiting the Center not only for medication but also, to sit and visit Eradah’s employees because they consider the Center as their second home.

During ITG visit and through having a great experience to meet the Center social workers, who have a great sense of humanity to work for free to help the diabetes children, ITG discovered out that the Center is also spreading awareness sessions for teachers in schools to share their experience and to teach them how to handle different children with diabetes. (ITG) Marketing Manager, Ms. Rasha Abu Saif, emphasized the importance of community-based charitable activities that are always present on ITG’s agenda, stating: “We are very proud to participate in this CSR initiative and to carry out these charitable activities which reflect positively on the local community, and (ITG) will continue to collaborate with all the organizations that support social responsibility.”

It is worth mentioning that Integrated Technology Group (ITG) was founded in 1989, and it is one of the leading companies in the IT sector worldwide, marked by its high quality and scalable e-learning, government and enterprise resource planning solutions, and empowering individuals and society by helping institutions toward increasing their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

The Million Tree Program

Within the One Million Tree Program in Palestine, with contribution from ITG by donating 133 trees, the “Arab Society for the Protection of Nature” and the “Rural Renaissance Association” planted and distributed 3,764 various fruit trees of olives, almonds, citrus, grapes, figs, figs and many other in Badu – Jerusalem, within the (Plant your Resistance) campaign, which aims to strengthen the steadfastness of the farmers and stabilize them in their land and achieve a sustainable income for them and their families.

ITG Celebrates the Memorial of the Battle of Karameh and Mother’s Day

Under the patronage of the Director of Education in Amman, Dr. Mohammad Abdallah Al-Thawaybe, ITG celebrated the memorial of the Battle of Karameh and Mother’s Day with Al-Amal School for the Deaf. The ceremony included representatives from the Ministry of Education, The Supreme Council for the disabled, the staff and teachers of the school, and the students’ parents.

A welcoming speech was delivered by Dr. Al-Thawaybe in the ceremony, stressing on the importance of the participation made by the Ministry with the schools in such occasions. He praised the significant role of Al-Amal School for the Deaf and its huge efforts in educating students with special needs and equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to empower them in the local community. He also highlighted the importance of the support provided by companies from the community, such as (ITG) and its major constant contributions to the educational sector and the innovative solutions it provides for students, teachers, and school administrators, which influence the educational process with modern technological means.

The speech was followed by two acting scenes regarding the Battle of Karameh and Mother’s Day, they were performed by students from “Sukayna School”, in addition to a performance of the folk dance “Al-Dabkeh.”

Dr. Al-Thawaybe expresses his gratitude and appreciation for ITG’s positive role in education development and support to teachers, as well as the effective participation and beneficial enrichment of the educational sector.

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) has been engaged in various initiatives, as it considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an important approach to a sustainable development of the community by providing economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders of the community.

At the end of the ceremony,  ITG distributed gifts and roses to the school board and their teachers for their educational contributions.

ITG is a set of flexible companies based on technology and innovation, which features its products to provide a high quality and innovative technological solutions for the educational sector, and provides resources planning for governments and private enterprises, which empowers individuals and communities and helps enterprises to increase productivity, proficiency and profits.

‎Give a Life Campaign

Blood donation is a noble activity that saves the lives of those in need and provides the donor with many health benefits, that is why and because of Integrated Technology Group vision to participate in building the community, ITG organized the semi-annual blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Central Blood Bank under the slogan of “Give a life”.
A large number of the company employees and employees of the neighboring companies as well as a few individuals from the local community participated in this noble campaign, which is aimed to saving lives.

Arab Teacher Day

ITG has always strived to develop and facilitate the learning process and enhance it to all its participants from teachers, administrators and students; that is why and In recognition of the importance of the teacher role, ITG joined all Arab teachers on February 25 to celebrate the Arab Teacher Day.

For this special occasion, the company visited Al Amal Secondary School for the Deaf and Princess Alia Secondary School, where we presented a special made cake to the teachers and management, and presented a specially designed board for the students to express their gratitude to their teachers.

On Arab Teacher Day, ITG sent a message of thanks and gratitude to all teachers for their great efforts and their work, which is influential in the rise and development of our society, knowing fully well that all our thanks cannot equal the value of their efforts to our society.

The Green Caravan Initiative

Trees planted by the Green Caravan at the Omar bin al Khattab Mosque in Ghor al Mazra’a.

Two years ago with support from Integrated Technology Group ITG and through the Green Caravan Initiative; 100 guava, lemon and pomegranate trees were planted with the help of volunteers from the “Masar Initiative” and in collaboration with “Al Numeira Environmental Association”; today, the trees have grown and will soon bring an additional source of income for the community and the Mosque.

The Green Caravan Initiative was launched as the second phase of the Deir Allah environmental project, works to combat the lack of green spaces and threats of desertification, overgrazing and urban sprawl in Jordan. The Green Caravan is implemented and executed by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN).

In 2016, ITG proudly sponsored almost 1700 trees and planted them in different regions in Jordan with its employees, APN volunteers, along with a group of orphans from refugees camps.

Smart School Initiatives Second Round

Under the patronage of the ministry of education and in cooperation with Integrated Technology Group, Moseco Group and Zain, a group of teachers were honored in Souf (Basic School for Boys) in Jerash Governorate and Khalda (Secondary School for Girls) in Amman within the Smart Schools Initiatives by delivering certificates of appreciation.

The initiative was launched with the aim of employing state-of-the-art technology to serve the educational process in public schools and replacing traditional teaching methods with advanced digital learning methods based on advanced learning solutions and tablets.




The opening of Knowledge Station at Ghor Al Safi

Under the patronage of Dr.Basim Mobaideen / acting the director of southern Ghor with Number of directors of government departments, community institutions, school principals represented by ITG Group, the Knowledge Technology Center was inaugurated in the southern Jordan Valley Development and Reconstruction Society the cooperative is supported by ITG.

The station aims to empower the local community in the field of information technology to contribute into achieving a sustainable development and building the knowledge economy. The station also includes the latest hardware, software, training tools, projectors and Internet communication with knowledge centers around the world.

Mr. Ali Al-Sadi, the Executive Vice President of ITG, said:

The Company’s vision is in line with the Royal directives aimed at empowering the local community to use multiple technologies to achieve an integrated e-Government within the vision of 2020.

he also added “the company is responsible for the local community and empowering young people and women in disadvantaged communities, we are continuing, individually or in partnership with local development institutions, to launch several initiatives such as the opening of the Knowledge Village at Ghor Fifa and various educational initiatives – Global Programmers Without Borders Initiative – the continuous training programs for university students and the rehabilitation programs of Prince Hamza’s school and other initiatives.”

In his turn, Dr. Basim Mobaideen thanked the management of Integrated Technology Group for its important and pioneering role to serve the people in the region, explaining the importance of developing and supporting the electronic orientation of all segments of the local community.

 About Integrated Technology Group

ITG was found in 1989 one of the leading IT companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States. The company always strive to provide the highest level of service and support to its customers by synchronizing innovative solutions of high quality, enabling individuals and communities to help organizations increase their efficiency and productivity.