EduWave K-12


The Comprehensive E-Learning & Education Platform for K-12 Schools

EduWave® is a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated, user-friendly e-Learning & educational management platform.


The Comprehensive E-Learning & Education Platform for Universities and Colleges

EduWave® is a comprehensive, user-friendly, seamlessly integrated e-Learning & educational management platform.



Educational Management Information System

EduWave® Educational Management Information System serves the management level of Educational Institutions, providing reports and online access to actual performance and historical records. It acts as the core for planning, control, and decision support systems.

EduWave EMIS® channels all the required data in its raw and aggregated forms for appropriate data mining, to support the decision making process on various educational and administrative levels. EduWave® (EMIS) efficiently facilitates the path to the EDSS buildup. Various level forms and fixed reports as well as more dynamic “power query” reporting mechanisms are provided to produce the required statistical output and dynamic KPIs needed by EDSS.



E-Content® Development

Integrated Technology Group offers exemplary e-content development services to its clients through its specialized subsidiary, JAID Productions. E-content produced by JAID is SCORM Compliant and built to the highest industry and instructional design standards.

JAID works through a set of methodologies that govern its development cycle and ensures the production of successful e-content material.

JAID’s team consists of a group of highly creative, quality-oriented professionals with a vast experience in the latest design technologies and methods. JAID’s creative directors, instructional designers, graphic artists, designers, and animators work in tandem to deliver superior results.

JAID’s creative and instructional design teams work throughout the content development cycle in close collaboration with a network of highly entrenched educators. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies combined with creativity and a network of top educators, JAID delivers creative e-content that is rich, dynamic, and highly engaging.