ITG’s Partnership Program

Why Partner with ITG?

ITG believes in partnerships that bring value to businesses to learn, innovate and share diverse expertise and knowledge. With our partnership program, you will be able to expand your portfolio and accelerate your business.

We welcome you to join our global network! The partnership program offers international exposure with the added value of local and international expertise, giving you access to extensive networks in important global markets and international reach.

Program Benefits

  Access to world-class technology solutions and sales tools.
  Comprehensive and highly effective training programs.
    Reach new markets and benefit from our business and technical resources.
  Beneficial financial incentives and discounts.

Become our Partner

Once the reseller application is filled out, it will be carefully reviewed by our team then you will be contacted to take your application forward.


Apply Here


Once your application is fully processed, login credentials will be granted to access ITG's Partners Portal.


Do you need help?

ITG e-Learning Solutions


EduWave® K-12, ITG’s award-winning e-learning platform is a fully integrated e-learning platform that serves all levels of a school and its broader education community. It brings together students, teachers, parents, and school administrators and comprises many seamlessly interacting modules.

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EduWave® Higher-Ed is a fully integrated e-learning platform that serves every level of a higher educational institution, from students to instructors to administrators. Composed of a multitude of seamlessly interacting modules, the platform assists in the management of every aspect of a university or college.

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