The importance of social solidarity in Ramadan

Through its Ramadan campaign, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) confirms the importance of social solidarity and its various initiatives in contributing to economic growth and strengthening social ties among all segments of Jordanian society.

We believe that social solidarity is of great importance on any given day, yet its importance increases during the Holy month of Ramadan, especially in the difficult circumstances that our society is going through as a result of the coronavirus crisis and its social and economic repercussions on all segments of society. Also, we would like to emphasize the importance of this principle in the generalization of good deeds, especially among chaste families in need who are suffering greatly due to difficult economic circumstances.

ITG distributed many charity food packages to many chaste families in Amman this week as part of our community initiatives aimed at strengthening the ties of contact with the community during the holy month.

The planning and distribution of these packages were funded by business and employee contributions and were coordinated with the company’s social committee to engage workers in the process of social unity in order to bring a smile to the faces of chaste families in need.

ITG affirms its commitment to supporting people in need over the years by making financial contributions and coordinating charitable efforts from within the organization, as it has done in previous years.

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