ITG Celebrates the Memorial of the Battle of Karameh and Mother’s Day

Under the patronage of the Director of Education in Amman, Dr. Mohammad Abdallah Al-Thawaybe, ITG celebrated the memorial of the Battle of Karameh and Mother’s Day with Al-Amal School for the Deaf. The ceremony included representatives from the Ministry of Education, The Supreme Council for the disabled, the staff and teachers of the school, and the students’ parents.

A welcoming speech was delivered by Dr. Al-Thawaybe in the ceremony, stressing on the importance of the participation made by the Ministry with the schools in such occasions. He praised the significant role of Al-Amal School for the Deaf and its huge efforts in educating students with special needs and equipping them with the skills and capabilities needed to empower them in the local community. He also highlighted the importance of the support provided by companies from the community, such as (ITG) and its major constant contributions to the educational sector and the innovative solutions it provides for students, teachers, and school administrators, which influence the educational process with modern technological means.

The speech was followed by two acting scenes regarding the Battle of Karameh and Mother’s Day, they were performed by students from “Sukayna School”, in addition to a performance of the folk dance “Al-Dabkeh.”

Dr. Al-Thawaybe expresses his gratitude and appreciation for ITG’s positive role in education development and support to teachers, as well as the effective participation and beneficial enrichment of the educational sector.

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) has been engaged in various initiatives, as it considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an important approach to a sustainable development of the community by providing economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders of the community.

At the end of the ceremony,  ITG distributed gifts and roses to the school board and their teachers for their educational contributions.

ITG is a set of flexible companies based on technology and innovation, which features its products to provide a high quality and innovative technological solutions for the educational sector, and provides resources planning for governments and private enterprises, which empowers individuals and communities and helps enterprises to increase productivity, proficiency and profits.