EduWave® Features

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Learning Management System

Student Information System

Assessment Management System

Comunnication & Collaboration

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EduWave® LMS goes above and beyond traditional Learning Management Systems by providing the ability to link courses, assessment questions, images, multimedia, and more to specific learning standards. This, along with the SmartTeacher™ feature, individualized learning plans, adaptive assessments, BookZero™ tools, and more, empowers teachers to offer individualized instruction while still aligning with the specific standards of their school.

EduWave® LMS features include:

  • Content Management & Authoring
  • Learning Enhancement Tools
  • Course Management
  • Learning Objects Repository
  • Lesson Planning & Instruction Tools
  • Evaluation Tools


EduWave® SIS allows authorized users to define, manage, and process all data related to students, from user profiles, courses, study plans, and much more, all conforming with your school’s policies. Administrators have access to up-to-date information related to students’ academic data, average, grade, progress, attendance, and more, which enables them to make more informed decisions. EduWave® SIS features include:
  • User Information Management
  • Student Attendance & Discipline Trackers
  • Parental Portal Access
  • School & Facilities Management
  • GradeBook™
  • Report Cards & Transcripts
  • Master Scheduling System
  • Alumni Tracking
  • Dashboards, Reports & Statistics


EduWave® AMS facilitates the mission of achieving your school goals as a whole in terms of effectiveness, planning and reporting, online assessment, and curriculum mapping to the district's learning standards.
EduWave® AMS features include:

  • Question Banks and Tests Management
  • Test Creation
  • Assessment Publishing and Auto-Scheduling
  • Assignments
  • Adaptive Assessments
  • Automated Scoring and GradeBook™
  • Assessments Reports


EduWave® CC allows faculty and students to live chat and hold online group sessions. Networking tools, such as blogging, open the lines of communication and collaboration between members of the school community. Robocalls and public announcements that appear on every user’s dashboard allow for the rapid dissemination of critical information. These are all just the tip of the iceberg! EduWave® CC features include:
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Notification System
  • Group Learning; EduSession™
  • Blogging Tools
  • Google Apps & Social Media Integration
  • Discussion Forums