Integrated Technology Group (ITG) Selected for Prestigious Showcase at Innovate!Europe 2005


Among Leading Innovators to Present June 13-15 at Summit in Zaragoza, Spain

Guidewire Group, producers of the Innovate! Conference series, announced today that it has selected Integrated Technology Group to participate in its exclusive Innovate!Showcase at Innovate!Europe 2005, premiering June 13-15 in Zaragoza, Spain.  ITG is among a select number of cutting-edge companies chosen by Guidewire Group from a pool of hundreds of applicants.


ITG’s unique products offering of e-learning and ERP/GRP solutions, and forward-thinking management team set it apart from other companies under consideration. Amidst a fractured technology landscape in Europe, ITG has propelled itself to the head of the pack by promoting a cross-border ecosystem, taking daring business risks and embracing technology as a competitive lever. ITG’s unique e-Learning Platform EduWave™ is an example of the company’s innovation and vision towards assisting nations worldwide in achieving their nationwide educational objectives. ITG’s WaveGRP™ is another distinctive example for government wide application of technology solutions.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Showcase Innovator. It is a distinction we’ve worked hard for and are proud of, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with participants at Innovate!Europe,” said Walid Tahabsem, ITG’s CEO. “ITG will give the Innovate! audience an informative peek into the possibilities of our technological innovations and how they can best serve the vibrant European and international markets.”

Executives from ITG will be among the hundreds of senior technology leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and government officials that will gather at Innovate!Europe in Zaragoza to address the need for a unified pan-European technology innovation ecosystem that will transform entrepreneurship in Europe. The result of this ground-breaking symposium will be a white paper titled “Innovate!Europe Agenda for the New European Technology Innovation Ecosystem,” which will be delivered to business leaders, policy makers and press throughout Europe.

“Our purpose in launching Innovate!Europe is to celebrate European innovation and to accelerate creation of the next wave of great European tech companies, like SAP and Business Objects. There are many talented innovators in Europe, as evidenced by the companies we have chosen for the Innovate!Showcase,” said Chris Shipley, Guidewire Group co-founder and executive producer of Innovate!Europe. “The challenge that we hope to address through Innovate!Europe is how to transform this raw talent into commercial success.”

As the respected host of the DEMO conferences in the United States, Guidewire Group’s lead analyst Chris Shipley has helped nearly 1,000 companies break into emerging markets. Indeed, for ITG to be chosen by Chris as a leading-edge company is a mark of credibility and excellence that has propelled hundreds of entrepreneurial companies to success.

Chris and her team of analysts spent hundreds of hours personally screening European technology companies to identify the leading innovators chosen to participate in Innovate!Europe 2005. Companies were evaluated on several criteria, including a unique approach to the target market, importance of the problem addressed, size of the market opportunity and capability to move the product to the global stage.

Additional details on Innovate!Europe 2005 and the Innovate!Showcase program can be found online at


About Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

Established in Jordan in 1989, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) operates through three subsidiaries; EPOCH Technologies, JAID Productions and TriAx Automation, each optimizing its resources and delivering technologies and solutions to the Global Markets in the areas of software development, new media and multimedia solutions, and process automation respectively. ITG’s flagship areas are:

-         e-Learning Solutions; EduWave™ e-Learning Platform, and e-Content Development.

-         ERP Solutions for the Manufacturing, Dealerships, and Government (GRP) sectors.

The Firm’s strength lies in its vision, which hinges on technological innovations, and the ability to identify potential business frontiers well ahead of competition.


For more information on ITG’s products and solutions, please visit:


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Business Development, Integrated Technology Group

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About Innovate!Europe 2005

Innovate!Europe 2005 marks a turning point in Europe’s Technology Innovation Ecosystem. Debuting June 13-15 in Zaragoza, Spain, Innovate!Europe is the only executive-level summit designed to engage and activate the European technology ecosystem, and to honor some of Europe’s most significant new innovations. Europe's leading investors, executives, entrepreneurs, media, public administrators, and service providers will actively engage with one another through thoughtful discussion, insightful analyses and compelling company presentations. The result of this ground-breaking symposium will be a white paper titled “Innovate!Europe Agenda for the New European Technology Innovation Ecosystem,” which will be delivered to business leaders, policy makers and press throughout Europe.Innovate!Europe’s sponsors and media partners include the City of Zaragoza, the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, Informatica El Corte Ingles, Microsoft, Porter Novelli, Forsyth Group, iUpload, Six Apart, CNET Networks VNU, DEMO, EBAN, Industry Standard, Mar-Tech & Finance, Multimedia I.T., PIIT, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Technology Review Germany. For more information, visit