Integrated Technology Group was Elected a Member of Int@j’s Board of Directors


On the 25th of January Integrated Technology Group (ITG) was elected as a member of Int@j's board of directors for the term 2007-2009 based on vote casting elections by the company members of Int@j. ITG affirms Int@j's efforts to promote Jordan's ICT future through the people of the ICT community. This acknowledges ITG's belief that the empowerment of Jordan's economic position is attained by fusing the efforts and insights of Jordan's ICT companies.

At the attempt of addressing the e- mode in the economic, educational and governmental sector Integrated Technology Group act as an essential segment of the industry. ITG undertakes the obligation of enhancing the ICT sector as a primary vision for the development and growth of Jordan. Therefore, ITG adopted the mission of engaging Information Technology in the market at every level, believing that this will undeniably promote the business outcome with the required equipment for local and international presence.

Hence, ITG advocates the importance of the domestically developed software solutions given that it has thorough insights of the needs and demands of the Jordanian society in addition to the adoption of the international standards of Human Resources development; career path planning and career development. Such approach will support and enhance intellectual property and assist in extending to the global market, which will present Jordan with its unique individuality yet the flexibility to adapt and fulfill the international requirements.

Since the inception of ITG in 1989, the prime mission of the company was boosting Jordan's profile to a prestigious and well-ranked position. That was accomplished through abiding to a professional strategy of the business process yet maintaining Jordan's identity. ITG now has a vital effect locally, regionally and internationally through the dedication and devotion of its employees and the successful deployments of its in-house developed e-learning and e-government software solutions in Europe, North America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Whereas, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) will be represented by President and CEO Mr. Walid Tahabsem.

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About Int@j

Information Technology association of Jordan, Int@j is an ICT industry-support association; it has been established in 2000 with the mission to promote Jordan's ICT businesses advancement on a local and international level, and enhance their capacity and performance. This goes in parallel with improving the dynamics of Jordan's ICT market and catalyzing all Jordan's ICT related activities. On top of that, int@j largely contributes to influencing ICT policies and strategies.

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 About ITG

Established in Jordan in 1989, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) operates through three subsidiaries; EPOCH Technologies, JAID Productions and TriAx Automation, each optimizing its resources and delivering technologies and solutions to the Global Markets in the areas of software development, new media and multimedia solutions, and process automation respectively. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • e-Learning Solutions (EduWave™, and e-Content Development).
  • ERP Solutions for Government (GRP), Manufacturing, and Dealership Management.

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