ITG and Alpha Beta Food Industries Sign WAVE™ ERP Deployment


Alpha Beta Food Industries signed an agreement with Integrated Technology Group on June 28th whereby ITG will deploy its advanced WAVE™ ERP solution that is designed for medium to large-scale manufacturing plants. The modular open-standards Enterprise Resource Planning solution incorporates financial, procurement & inventory control, HR & payroll, manufacturing scheduling, production, maintenance, and distribution systems.

Alpha Beta Food Industries management will be able to monitor manufacturing processes from its head office in Khalda as the sophisticated manufacturing facility in Mafraq will be connected via a leased line.

“We wanted to partner with an experienced, reliable, local IT firm that will assist us in deploying and customizing such an advanced, scalable, company-wide ERP solution”, said Mr. Mo’een Al Taher, President & CEO Alpha Beta Food Industries. “ This is imperative to Alpha Beta’s success, and we are confident that ITG is the right partner” added Mr Taher.

Deployment is expected to take less than three months during which ITG professional services’ team will collaborate with Alpha Beta’s IT team to successfully complete WAVE ERP rollout in a timely manner.

“We are very proud and excited about Alpha Beta’s selection of our solution;” said ITG Vice President, Mr. Ali Sa’di. “WAVE ERP is a scalable solution that will meet Alpha Beta’s expansion and acquisition of new companies and manufacturing facilities. In addition, decision support tools are provided to help them achieve higher market share and increase customer satisfaction.” He added.

WAVE ERP is a robust, secured solution, based on open standards and can integrate with third party vendors. The product is deployed in a number of manufacturing facilities and businesses in Jordan, the Middle East and in North Africa.


About Integrated Technology Group

Integrated Technology Group is a dynamic, innovative, and technology driven group of companies, established in 1989. ITG leads in the areas of e-Learning, Enterprise Resource Planning, advanced Web enabled systems’ development, and professional Multimedia and design services. Together, the three companies that make up ITG – EPOCH Technologies, JAID Productions, and TriAx Automation – render comprehensive, complementary, end-to-end IT solutions in software development, new media, and process automation respectively.

Operating from its headquarters in Jordan, ITG has a strong local and international presence with deployments in major Business and Government Institutions in Jordan, the Middle East, North Africa, and in Europe.

Since its inception, ITG lead in technological innovation and was the first Middle Eastern firm to develop and export electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions into the European market in 1991. Managing a steady growth and technological lead in the past thirteen years, ITG was the first to harness XML technology to develop the most comprehensive online Quranic resource Website in the world; In addition, ITG was the first Jordanian software company to develop and deploy an integrated, multilingual enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in 1995, and the first company in the Arab world to develop one of the most comprehensive e-learning platforms worldwide; EduWave.

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