Jordan Strategy Forum

The Integrated Technology Group (ITG) participated in the conference “Towards a National Strategy of Life-long Learning and Open Educational Resources ” a panel discussion held on Tuesday 28/2/2017 at the Princess Sumaya University title as part of the forum Jordanian strategies and the participation of many of the relevant inside and outside Jordan Parties.

Mr.Walid Tahabsem CEO and board of directors of integrated Technology Group talked about “The Impact of private sectors on the advancement of eLearning in Jordan were he began to talk about the history and about the Success Story of integrated technology group which has become the largest in the world with 15 million users, and he also talked about REACH Initiative (REACH), the Association of production and the Jordanian Education Initiative concluded by pointing and emphasize the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve all that.

Be recalled that this session is a national seminar aims to bring together the relevant parties to discuss the current state of e-learning, and analyze the challenges and priorities faced, and available solutions and the extent of its adaptation of the educational process on the ground with a focus regarding undergraduate.