Noor Educational Management System (EduWave EMIS®) implemented through Integrated Technology Group ITG is one of the largest educational management systems deployed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide many services toward improving the education deliverables and outcomes. Noor solution designed to increase the efficiency of the educational process, increase the efficiency of administrators and teachers, and provide a centralized database that ensures rapid exchange of information, time, effort and resources. Noor serves more than 10 million users, including 6 million students and half a million teachers working in over 40,000 public and private schools in the Kingdom.

Noor’s innovative educational solution (EduWave EMIS®) solution serves the educational and management level of Educational Institutions through providing reports and online access to actual performance and historical records. It acts as the core for planning, control, and decision support systems.

The innovative educational system “Noor” offers a wide range of e-services to teachers, students, administrators, school administrators, regulators and parents. One of the most prominent functions of the solution is its ability to complete the process of entering and keeping students’ degrees, supports degrees auditing and reviewing, in addition to sending them to schools administrations and parents. The comprehensive solution can also monitor and report student’s absence and their late morning attendance. It allows students and parents to be familiar with the learning schedule and to follow up on assignments, tests and academic accomplishments, and to receive school notices. In addition, the platform provides solutions to problems of moving from one school to another, and provides direct communication with the school and teachers; in addition, it supports school buses subscription service.

(EduWave EMIS®) channels all the required data in its raw and aggregated forms for appropriate data mining, to support the decision making process on various educational and administrative levels. (EduWave EMIS®) efficiently facilitates the path to the EDSS buildup. Various level forms and fixed reports as well as more dynamic “power query” reporting mechanisms are provided to produce the required statistical output and dynamic KPIs needed by EDSS.

It is worth mentioning that the global award winning innovative education platform (EduWave®) is one of the most powerful and complete education platforms, which seamlessly integrates Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), Assessment Management System (AMS), and Communication and Collaboration Tools (CC), in one easy Cloud hosted solution, it is also based on learning standards and is preloaded with Common Core Standards-CCSS, IG, IB, SAT, and other international standards.

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