Oklahoma State Pre-approves ITG AMERICA to Offer EduWave SIS to K-12 Districts throughout the State

ITG  America  –  a leading  expert  in  the  global  Education  Technology  market  – announced that its Education Solution; EduWave®  has been selected by the State of  Oklahoma,  Office  of  Management   and  Enterprise  Services  (OMES),  as  a preapproved Student Information System (SIS) vendor to offer its solution for all K-12 Schools and Districts.

The signed Master Agreement with OMES will provide ITG AMERICA with the opportunity to seek out School Districts in the State of Oklahoma  and offer EduWave  SIS with all its features and capabilities through a Cloud based solution.


Serving over 15  million  users  and 40  thousand  schools worldwide, EduWave® SIS empowers  K-12 stakeholders including; teachers, principals, counselors, district administrators,  parents and students with the tools needed to improve student achievement and report daily schooling and administrative activities. It optimizes student data management through offering complete tracking of all information for every student including; demographics, activities, test scores & assessment information, attendance & discipline tracking,  health information,  transportation  information  with address  validation,  transcripts  and more.

Moreover, EduWave SIS is designed to make school operations easier, faster and more reliable by offering a flexible range of tools including a fully automated  scheduler (classroom,  teacher and student), state reporting, communication and collaboration tools, etc.

Commenting  on this opportunity,  Walid Tahabsem, Founder and CEO of ITG stated: “I am very proud that ITG AMERICA has been chosen as a preapproved vendor for the state of Oklahoma to serve the requirements  of the State schools and their students.  I am very excited to have the opportunity  to provide our solution to the education community  in the State of Oklahoma, as I believe  that  this will  allow  us  to  further  showcase  our  products’  ability  in  being  scalable and comprehensive.   Moreover,  I believe  this to be a great  addition  to ITG’s  portfolio  of serviced

schools around the world and we are dedicated to enhancing the teaching & learning experience here in the USA as we have done for all our countrywide deployments worldwide.”

Simon Malka, Senior Consultant  at ITG America expressed  his enthusiasm  by saying: “We look forward  to expanding  into  the  State  of Oklahoma  and  supporting  its school  districts  with  an affordable leading-edge  education solution. EduWave is the right SIS which allows users to run school operations in a much easier, faster and reliable manner, it also enhances decision making through intelligent school, district, and State reporting and information analysis.”

For more information about ITG AMERICA please visit our website at https://www.itgsolutions.com

About ITG America:

ITG AMERICA is a member of ITG Group which provides education and technology solutions to schools and school districts around the globe. ITG Group is responsible for bringing the finest and most sophisticated education-technology solutions to the US and across the world.

EduWave® includes various educational systems including: Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information  System (SIS), Content Management  System (CMS), Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Assessment Management System (AMS). All of which are hosted on the ‘Cloud’.