Results for the secondary level are audited by ITG


In line with the company's constant support to the educational process in Jordan, and based on the good faith relationship it believes the public and private sectors should have, ITG commissioned directly by the Jordanian government -over a duration of one week-, audited the electronic data of the results of the secondary level winter semester for the academic year 2009/2010, ITG has been selected to do this great effort because of its specialized technical and high level expertise in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI Technologies) on a national and international level.

Commenting on this event, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology HE Marwan Juma through a press conference held at the Ministry of Education, said: "We must note that the error that happened in publishing the electronic high school results, happened during exporting the data from the main warehouse in the Ministry of Education, and onto CDs for the purposes of publishing them on various websites. It should be noted that EduWave was not in anyways related to this issue; the system was not part of the problem as rumored."

The Minister of Education, HE Dr. Ibrahim Badran also commented during the press conference, saying: "The Ministry of Education acknowledges and appreciates ITG's initiative to work with the ministry in auditing electronic data and issuing an integrated technical report that explains the nature of the error that happened in the software used for exporting the data, in addition to the assistance they have provided us with in solving the problem."

ITG's president and CEO Mr. Walid Tahabsem commented: "EduWave which is designed, developed and implemented in the Ministry of Education by ITG, in addition to the station Hashim, are first and foremost resources of the ministry. We have been honored to contribute and work towards achieving the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II in the development of education through our strategic partnership with the ministry, which manifested itself during the previous seven years.

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