298 Teachers received training on EduWave


In the efforts of His Majesty King Hamad Schools of the future project's management and the Ministry of Education in Bahrain, a training course for the e-learning system EduWave was conducted to witness the attendance of around 298 teachers, who represented their schools in the Third phase of the project's course, under the management of educational technology and learning resources in Manama.

On that note, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Badri, Director of technology and learning resources and managing director of the project of His Majesty King Hamad Schools of the Future emphasized the importance of this project which made a quantum leap in education, enabling students to use e-learning methods on the system. He explained that this course aims to provide an overview of EduWave, and explore the features and benefits offered by it, in addition to providing an overview on how to fully utilize the system to make the teaching process more efficient and highlighting the benefits of e-learning. The course also included a hands-on training session associated with the role of the teachers, students, and exam preparation.

The training session addresses a variety of topics related to EduWave and its role in the project of King Hamad Schools of the Future, including the ways to identify the organizational structure and the authorities that should be granted to each user, how to identify the presentation of curriculum, as well as identify the advantages of using e-books, it also presents the enrichments available in the system among many other things.

It is worth mentioning that the project of His Majesty King Hamad Schools of the Future was launched on 18 January, 2005 and the project is currently applied in 93 schools, and will be circulated to apply to all schools of Bahrain in 2009.

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