ITG and JIC launch E-Service

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) and Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) celebrated signing an agreement for launching the e-services in (JIC). The ceremony was held with the presence of Mr. Thabet Elwir, the Chairman of Jordan Investment Commission, (ITG) President and the Board of Directors Mr.Walid Tahabsem and members from both (ITG) and (JIC) management teams.

The e-service’s agreement embraces the provision of services to develop the (JIC) electronic investment window through improving its approach to reach out an outstanding investment environment in all its sectors by providing channels and ways of wider and more effective access to electronic services across multi-organizations.

Mr. Tahabsem, Chairman and (ITG) Board of Directors, expressed his gratitude for signing the agreement saying: “What distinguishes (ITG) from others is that it provides the best quality to customers and the best electronic services with facilitate for an efficient work environment and that it self complies with the royal vision of  achieving an integrated e-Government by 2020”.

Highlighting the importance of (ITG) as an operational partner; Mr. Thabet Elwir, the Chairman of Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), remarked (ITG) in achieving the goals, re-engineering the procedures electronically and reducing the use of securities within (JIC) which will lead (JIC) to be the pioneer in operating electronically by 2018.

This agreement is part of ITG’s widespread electronic data-collection which enables multiple organizations to succeed in running an efficient operations.

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