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Yarmouk University announced last week the winners of its distinguished, entrepreneurial alumni including an outstanding market leader, Mr. Walid Tahabsem – President & CEO of Integrated Technology Group (ITG) – and a group of community leaders in its various political, media, economic and social aspects. The ceremony was held under the title of “Distinguished Alumni of Yarmouk University” sponsored by the former Prime Minister, Mr.Nader Al Dahabi, and the presence of the university president, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mousa, who praised the quality of education in the Jordanian universities, referring to the qualified Jordanian graduates.

Representing a true Jordanian entrepreneurial and a successful story in the IT sector; Mr. Tahabsem is a well-rounded business leader that can be distinguished by his relentless focus on quality and efficiency combined with a genuine concern and commitment to all who work for him. After receiving his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Yarmouk University in Jordan, he co-founded Integrated Technology Group back in 1989. Today, as ITG President & CEO, Mr. Tahabsem leads one of the most successful IT solution providers in the Middle East and the Arab Region, offering quality end-to-end IT solutions and services in the field of education and government solutions in more than 20 countries worldwide.

EduwaveThrough the combination of his passion for technology and vision, he was able to grow his firm not only by size and revenue, but also in technological innovation and in the application of the technology in various fields. His innovations include the development of the first Arabic Artificial Intelligent Parser, and the creation of an Electronic Data Interchange solution, implemented in many large European institutions. in addition, one of the top education solutions, EduWave®, which currently serves more than 15 million users and holds the largest base of countrywide deployments and worldwide. EduWave® has been developed by the vision and directions of Mr. Tahabsem and manufactured by some of the most professional Jordanian engineers. Beside the educational solution, WaveGRP®, WaveGRP_logothe Government Resource Planning solution, stand out with its abilities to save time and efforts in completing daily governmental practices effectively, comparing with the old activated system, it has also provided an accurate and concise information to support the decision-making mechanism with a simple workflow between departments.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Tahabsem participated in a different key national boards, councils, and associations such as: Jordan’s National Agenda, Jordan’s Board of Education, Jordan University for Science and Technology (JUST) Advisory Council, German Jordan University (GJU) Advisory Council. Tahabsem is an active member of Jordan’s ICT Advisory Council, Information Technology Association of Jordan (INT@J) Board, Jordan’s Youth Development Program INJAZ, and also a member of the Endeavor Board of Directors, due to his belief in the active role they play in enhancing the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and a co-founder and a board member of the Oasis-500, the region’s premier education and counsellor driven seed investment program.

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About Integrated Technology Group (ITG) 

Integrated Technology Group is a leading IT company that was established in 1989. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • Educational Solutions: EduWave® e-Learning & Educational Management Platform, and e-Content Development through ITG’s specialized subsidiary JAID Productions.
  • Government/Enterprise Solutions: Government Resource Planning – WaveGRP®, Enterprise Resource Planning – WaveERP®, and Document Management Solution – WaveDMS®

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