ITG implements its Cloud Learning Solution at Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein School

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) – a global IT solution provider and leading expert in Education Technology – announces the implementation of its EduWave-CS (Cloud Solution) which uses the SaaS -Software as a Service- technology at Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein School, combining a wide range of tools for communication and collaboration, as well as learning new content material. EduWave-CS is one of the modules that provides students, teachers, parents, school managers and administrators an innovative Learning Management System (LMS) platform for e-learning which can be accessed at school, home, or via smart phones and tablet devices.

EduWave-CS/LMS empowers students at Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein School to take responsibility of their own self-paced learning path. This new approach encourages each student to create an individual e-portfolio of their work, which can be shared with other students and teachers for evaluation and review purposes. Students can use chats, blogs, forums, Wikis, emails and notes, as well as audio and video conferencing to co-create assignments or comment on each other’s’ work.

The combination of an easy and attractive dashboard, with user-friendly collaboration and communication tools, provides a richer and more rewarding e-learning environment, making it easier for students to reach their full potential.

EduWave-CS/LMS engages students in the learning process by allowing teachers at Prince Hamza School to create unique visual e-lesson plans. This can be delivered via virtual classrooms or live lectures, which includes student’s self-assessments, examination and assignments. Teachers can also monitor real-time performance, attendance and behavior of an individual student or a complete class, allowing them to define the appropriate level of support for each student or class.

Parents can monitor their child’s academic progress via EduWave-CS online portal. With EduWave’s real-time reporting, every parent can always have access to the latest developments of their child’s education, and can contact teachers and school admins using EduWave’s email system or live chat to discuss their child progress in more details.

Prince Hamzah School Principal of Educational Affairs, Ms. Sirsa Sholakh, explains: “Our vision is to ensure that our students are valued for their individuality and that each one of them is encouraged to fully develop his or her own special talent. ITG’s EduWave is a significant resource for empowering students to share in the responsibility of the excellence of their education, and for teachers and school admins to create stimulating learning environments with real-time performance monitoring and an engaging, fun education platform”.

“EduWave is currently serving over 15 million users and 40 thousand schools worldwide, EduWave enhances educational achievement and increases the cost-effectiveness of providing exceptional resources which benefits students, parents, teachers and school managers.” Baha Haikal, ITG project Manager. He added: “Our vision at ITG is to empower people, communities and organizations around the world with innovative technologies and solutions”.

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About Prince Hamzah School (PHS)

PHS is the only Circassian school in Jordan. It was established in 1974 through the effort of a group of women who had made thousands of well-reputed graduates. PHS is a nonprofit educational institution that was having a very humble beginning and started with 12 kindergarten students. It was expanded afterwards to the secondary school level with 725 students and 92 co-work in various fields. The school was sponsored by the Women’s Circassian Charity Association till 1996 and is currently handled by a Board of Trustees that is chosen every year.

About Integrated Technology Group (ITG) 

Integrated Technology Group is a leading IT company that was established in 1989. ITG’s flagship areas are:

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