Over 600 million records in Saudi MOE are being published through ITG

ITG_logo_2xThe Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia, announces the results of 5.5 million student in the elementary, secondary and high school level for the second semester of the year 2012-2013. The total number of grades entered to the system reached more than 600 million degrees. All results were published onto their website: www.moe.gov.sa, and made readily available to students through “Noor” Educational management system, which runs through Integrated Technology Group (ITG)’s EduWave-EMIS.

The ministry called on students and their families to check their results through this link to “Noor”:  http://noorresults.moe.sa, and urged them utilize this feature, and not wait until the paper transcripts are released from the schools.

Through “Noor” project which runs through ITG’s EduWave-EMIS, Millions of student records were obtained in almost 32 thousand different school, with a huge number of transactions completed that reached 21 billion transactions.

In partnership with the e-Government program “Yasser”, the Ministry has begun the development of “Noor” project in the beginning of 2011, which targeted the latest techniques in software engineering developed by ITG to deploy them in the Ministry of Education, through the EduWave EMIS.

On a related noted, Noor provides e-services which directly serve teachers, parents, supervisors, and students, that make the educational process in the school and educational departments more efficient, such services include: student registration, transfer, guidance and counseling services, educational supervision services and educational training services.

“Noor” system have already won the e-Government Achievement Award for educational management from the e-Government Program “Yesser” – to provide the best service to members of the community (government – people). This award represents one of the seven branches that raised Achievement Award for e-Government in its second session for the current year. At the same time the Saudi Ministry of Education have won an international award from the United Nations (UN) in the field of telecommunications, information technology and e-Government services, the e-Learning Application Award for its (Noor) system, that reflects the great benefits that the Saudi e-Government services have reached in serving millions of beneficiaries. This award is an incentive for other countries to shift to the information society.

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