ITG’s VP to step down from her role

Amman, December 22, 2016

Integrated technology Group (ITG) has announced that its Vice President for Business Development Batoul Ajlouni will be stepping down from her role. Batoul has served as the company’s VP since 1999 handling its business development operations in the local, regional, and international markets. She is also a co-founder of JAID Productions, established back in 1989 as the region’s first professional computer graphics and animation company, and acquired by ITG in 1994.

“ITG has been a major part of my life,” Batoul said. “I have proudly helped build this amazing company over the past 27 years with my friends and colleagues. A company that has developed from a local software house into a key player in the global markets. A company that I’m confident, with its great leadership and next generation enthusiasts, will continue to grow and create great technologies and solutions that help empower people and organizations worldwide,” She continued.

The company’s CEO Walid Tahabsem commented: “Batoul has been a major pillar at ITG ever since she assumed her role in business development. ITG will never be the same without Batoul’s daily presence. And although she’s stepping down from operations, her many established footprints will always be there for the new generation to use and build on.”

The transition will take place over the coming year. Batoul however, will remain on ITG’s Board and will continue her involvement in ITG’s key global initiatives.


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About Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

Integrated Technology Group is a leading IT company that was established in 1989, with operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, and the US. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • Educational Solutions: EduWave® e-learning & educational management platform, and e-content development through ITG’s specialized subsidiary JAID Productions.
  • Government/Enterprise Solutions: Government Resource Planning – WaveGRP®, Enterprise Resource Planning – WaveERP®, and Document Management System – WaveDMS®


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