The success story of Integrated Technology Group

150$ spent by Walid Tahabsem on a dinner invitation and registration of a legal guarantee for the project’s first client, was the capital, which was launched by the Integrated Technology Group (ITG) in 1989 in Jordan.

And with the participation of Mohammed Nassar and Ali al-Sadi the company began to offer the first system-wide e-learning Arabs “forms available Wave” EduWave, was the Jordanian Ministry of Education adopted the system in 3200 School, to reach their services to one million and two hundred thousand users.

The seventh of the “entrepreneurs” program highlighted the experience of the integrated group of technology “: ITG”, which has succeeded over the years from a simple launch in skipping the border, and went to the markets of Europe and opened offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

1999 is a major turning point in the company’s path, so I decided to stop production or contracting with new projects for three years, enabling it to develop its systems software and improved significantly.

In 2011 it applied to the educational system’s “ITG” in Saudi Arabia, and selected by the state of New Jersey for US application in its schools, and more recently the company has provided about 1,800 schools in the state of Oklahoma with software education, making it the second US state-dependent learning its system solutions.

The company’s success has been crowned with five awards from the United Nations and others, and the number of users of its system of education reached 15 million user, through more than forty thousand schools around the world.

The head of the board of directors of the company, Walid Tahabsem that “success is to reach the goal, because goals are the compass entrepreneur and a tool to measure the success of his company is emerging, and when determine the direction your compass is your way to get faster.”

The company is keen to choose a suitable working environment to ease the pressure on staff and make them feel comfortable in all fields, thus contributing to them to deliver their best.

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