A group of e-Business students hosted by ITG

ITG_logo_2xThe experience of (15) Million EduWave users across the globe, is being shared with e-Business students from Petra University, by ITG

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) has recently welcomed a group of e-Business students from the University of Petra, accompanied by Dr. Lama Omar from the Department of Business and e-Commerce of the University, On May 22nd,2013, to introduce them to the recent technologies implemented and the Innovative Solutions that ITG offers, it also aimed at increasing their awareness to how important it has become to effeciently utilize the technologies available to benefit the community.

The Visit was initiated with a welcome from the ITG team, students were then directed to ITG’s Training Academy, where a brief presentation about the company was conducted, to walk the students throughout ITG’s journey, being one of the leading Jordanian companies in the IT sector, and then followed a detailed Demonstration that captured the students’ attention regarding EduWave. The meeting concluded with taking the students on a tour around the company’s various departments, to help them experience firsthand how workflow is carried out in the company, they also got to visit JAID Productions – ITG’s specialized subsidiary- for e-Content Development. From her end, Dr. Lama emphasized that this visit will contribute to the preparation of students to overcome the worries and concerns they have regarding the workplace environment, and adjust their expectations of what they will be facing at the beginning of their careers.

In Line with ITG’s commitment to community initiatives, and the particular emphasis on linking between academia and the needs of the industry, ITG has signed a memorandum of understanding last year with Petra University to provide training for the University’s e-Business students, in the company’s different departments.

The company has also thanked the University and Dr. Lama, for taking a keen interest in developing their students’ skills and abilities and introducing them to the latest technologies used in the markets, which will serve to expand their knowledge of the importance of using technologies in the development of various Business sectors.

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About Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

Integrated Technology Group is a leading IT company that was established in 1989. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • Educational Solutions: EduWave® e-Learning & Educational Management Platform, and e-Content Development through ITG’s specialized subsidiary JAID Productions.
  • Government/Enterprise Solutions: Government Resource Planning – WaveGRP®, Enterprise Resource Planning – WaveERP®, and Document Management Solution – WaveDMS®

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