Student’s Guide

This page allows the students to view the tutorial videos on how to perform precise functions step by step regarding their schedule, books, study groups, etc.


01 Student – My Schedule

My Schedule enables you to view your schedule and keep up with any changes that may occur to it. The schedule is defined and updated by your school admin.




02 Student – My Attendance

Attendance page allows you to view your attendance record.




03 Student – My Books

Through My Books you can create your own virtual books and manage them.




04 Student – My Teachers Remarks

My Teachers Remarks page allows you to view all details regarding your remarks.




05 Student – My Assignments

Teachers add assignments and send them to you to solve in a certain date. You answer the assignments within the given timeline and send them back to the teacher to correct and give you their marks.




06 Student – My Assessment

Teachers add assessments and send them to you to solve in a certain time and date. You can solve them and view all details related to your assessments.




07 Student – Study Groups

This page shows groups that are added by your school admin and teachers and in which you are a member. These groups could have closed EduSessions, discussion forums, and chat regarding certain subjects.