e-Learning in Jordanian Schools, turning into Reality


The first Jordanian computer lab running ITG's EduWave e-learning platform was inaugurated on April 5th, 2003 by H.E. Dr. Khaled Toukan, Minister of Education. The inauguration took place at the Khalda High School for Girls as the first application of its kind in Jordan.

At the inauguration, twenty high school students and teachers were present to live-test EduWave and its applications on their computers in the classroom.

"The students were so excited about this experience", said Husein Kattab, technology Manager at Integrated Technology Group, the Jordanian company that designed and developed EduWave. "The most interesting part," Mr. Kattab added, "was that the students were able to learn and interact with EduWave in no time. Within thirty minutes they had all started using the applications and functionalities available on EduWave, sending each other internal e-mails, interacting in discussion forums and most importantly, they were able to experience the application of their physics curriculum in rich multimedia format on their computers."

"I found EduWave to be very user friendly" one of the students said as she smiled. "It will really help us in our studies and will give us the opportunity to further comprehend complex concepts and applications".

Mr. Walid Tahabsem, President & CEO of ITG, was present at the inauguration. He noted, "What really amazed me was the enthusiasm the students had while interacting with EduWave. They were all eager to sit behind their computers and start exploring the possibilities offered by the Solution." He added, "It makes us so proud at ITG to see EduWave so smoothly deployed and applied at Jordanian Schools."

What's worth noting is that the Integrated Technology Group has successfully delivered phase-one of its e-learning platform EduWave, seventy five days after signing its agreement with the Ministry of Education and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development on January 16th, and has now started its deployment.

The agreement mandates ITG to deploy EduWave at the Ministry's data centers that interconnect about three thousand two hundred schools and about 1.5 million students.

EduWave comprises three main components, an e-Learning Management System (ELMS), an Authoring Tool and a Portal. Through the application of EduWave stakeholders including students, teachers, administrators and parents will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of e-learning and the value it can bring to their education and learning experience.

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