EduWave® platform was chosen by Insight Success Magazine as one of the top 10 most innovative learning solution providers for the year 2018, Insights Success Magazine is an archway that caters to Entrepreneurs’ need for technology and business updates which are currently ruling the business world, and we are very proud to receive this great certificate by such an esteemed institute.

The global award-winning education platform, EduWave®, which assists K-12 and higher education institutes, is one of the most powerful educational solutions that seamlessly integrate Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) along with communication and collaboration (CC) in one cloud-based platform to create scalable and quality education.

EduWave® (LMS) goes above and beyond traditional (LMS) systems, with tools that allow educators to emphasize individualized learning and the Common Core Standards, improving graduation rates and ensuring that students are meeting the Common Core Standards without abandoning the current standards.

EduWave® (CC) opens the lines of communication between members of the school and the entire district, and with tools like notifications, bulletin board, and multi-level calendar, sharing information with the entire school or district becomes much easier.

EduWave® (SIS) provides administrators with all the necessary tools for district and institution administration, registration and enrollments, report cards, transcripts, reports and statistics for monitoring student performance and overall school/district performance. EduWave® (SIS) is not only important to make sure you don’t misplace important information but it can actually make your entire school work more efficiently. With administration tools and management tools provided by the system, EduWave® (SIS) makes data management and organization much easier and complete.

All these features sustain that EduWave® is a platform designed to accommodate the non-stop evolution and development of the e-learning community, and is always prepared to transform itself to meet the new trends and demands of e-learning on any level of the educational system, whether it is the K-12 system or higher education.

The continuous development of EduWave® to meet the newest trends in e-learning has resulted in the release of Version 4.0 of EduWave®, which includes new exciting features and enhancements based on user experiences with appealing interfaces specifically designed to suit each grade level. In addition, EduWave® provides an unmatched platform accessibility and flexibility that can be customized to any school and budget. Schools can use the combined solution or choose to use a specific functionality that can seamlessly integrate with other systems or third-party applications.

As of today, EduWave K-12® has more than 15 Million users, 50 Thousand education institutes, and Three countrywide deployments, with a vision to empower people through technology worldwide.