Integrated technology Group Celebrates the Spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan


Celebrating the spirit of Ramadan with its employees and their families, Integrated Technology Group (ITG), a leading software solutions provider in Jordan, held its annual Ramdan Iftar at the Fire of Brazil Restaurant in Amman on September 7th, 2010 followed by an enjoyable Networking evening at TcheTche Café.

Welcoming new employees as well the companies 200+ employees, the evening was marked as an occasion to honor the Holy Month of Ramadan while commemorating the strong presence and success the company has maintained during the past year. 

Commenting on this event, Walid Tahabsem ITG's President & CEO said: "We always await the holy month of Ramadan to gather around one table as one big family and celebrate the holiness of this month. Such occasions come in line with our efforts to strengthen the contentious communication between employees and the management, and as an appreciative gesture to reward all employees on their perseverance and determination resulting in quality productive work".




About Integrated Technology Group (ITG):

Established in Jordan in 1989, Integrated Technology Group operates through three subsidiaries; EPOCH Technologies, JAID Productions, and TriAx Automation, each optimizing its resources and delivering technologies and solutions to the Global Markets in the areas of software development, new media and multimedia solutions, and process automation respectively. ITG’s flagship areas are:

  • E-Learning & Educational Management Solutions (EduWave®, and e-Content Development).
  • ERP Solutions for: Government (Government Resource Planning -WaveGRP®), Manufacturing, and Dealership Management (WaveERP®).

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