Integrated Technology Group is sponsoring the hero “Nawras Abzakh”

Circassian Charity Association hosted the sponsorship agreement for the champion of mixed martial Arts (MMA) Nawras Abzakh and Integrated Technology Group and TravelOne.

Mr Walid Tahabsem president of the board of directors of Integrated Technology Group was delighted with this partnership and sponsorship of the hero Nawras Abzakh and considered this as part of the social responsibility that will rest with the company and wished all the best for the player.

From his side the head of Circassian Charity Association Mr Zuhdi Janbak that the Charity is the house for all Jordanians and proud to host this kind of agreement to support the Jordanian champions.

Mr Nidal Qart the CEO of travel one emphasized that the duty of the company is to support the hero Nawras in order to proceed with his global achievements to raise high especially that the game needs to unload a large financial support.