ITG America Attends SF Startup Weekend EDU: Next Gen Schools Event

ITG America was given the chance to look into the crystal ball and see the possible future of education. Silicon Schools Fund, and Startup Weekend presented a look into reinventing school as we know it and gave them a glimpse of what is coming for our schools. During this seminar educators, business leaders and education technology experts from all over came together in order to find better ways to educate the children of the future.

The major take away from the weekend was that educators are pushing for a new way to allow students more freedom in the way they learn. Many of the teams proposed new and exciting ways for students to choose their preferred method of learning. They believe that giving students the choice between in class instruction, online instruction and even mentorship will help students to grasp the concepts better. This idea of taking blended education to the next level is not something new but this event has confirmed that it is growing amongst the education community.

With various exciting challenges to look forward to, such events become more significant than ever. ITG America team had a great time networking and sharing ideas with the other education innovators at the event and can’t wait for the next event.


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About Startup Weekend:

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.

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About ITG America:

ITG AMERICA is a member of ITG Group which provides education and technology solutions to schools and school districts around the globe. ITG Group is responsible for bringing the finest and most sophisticated education-technology solutions to the US and across the world.

EduWave® includes various educational systems including: Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), Content Management System (CMS), Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Assessment Management System (AMS). All of which are hosted on the ‘Cloud’.

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