Integrated Technology Group (ITG) participated in the Annual Accreditation International Conference which was held in Jordan International School (JIS) on 12-13 May, 2018, the conference was attended by a huge presence of teachers, school administrators, and officials from the private educational sector from Amman and Irbid as well as Amnesty International officials, representatives from the Ministry of Education and other sponsors for the event.

The opening ceremony of the conference was held by Mr. Amin Shdeifat, Director of the Private Education Sector, Mrs. Fatima Qatouna, Head of the Foreign Programs Section in Private Education and Dr. Don D. Petry the Director of Accreditation International, under the title “Strategies to Improve Learning and Education”. The purpose of the conference was to discover the best practices in international education and accreditation, and workshops for teachers professional development.

The aim of the conference is to identify the latest strategies for the development of education, as well as identifying the latest teaching methods in accreditation and utilize them, and from the belief in the importance of education, technology, and the urgent need to learn more, ITG proudly delivered numerous live demos of its educational system EduWave® and a presentation of all the services the system provides to deliver technological solutions for learning objectives and learning outcomes.

The Attendees were introduced to ITG’s innovative and award-winning system EduWave® in its new format, which is designed to assist schools improve students’ learning and achievements as well as preparing them for the future by seamlessly integrating the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Information Management System (SIS) and the tools of communication and innovation (CC) into one comprehensive electronic platform.

On the last day of the conference, ITG received a Certificate of Appreciation from Accreditation International for its participation as a gold sponsor for the conference, and excellence in the educational sector.

It is worth mentioning that ITG was founded in 1989, and it is one of the leading companies in the IT sector worldwide, marked by its high quality e-learning solutions, government and enterprise resource planning solutions, and empowering individuals and society and helping institutions increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.