ITG in the process of investing in two entrepreneurial companies

ITG_logo_2xHead of Board of Directors at ITG – Jordanian company specialized in automation solutions and systems, e-learning and institutional solutions – Walid Tahabsem, announced that the company aims to invest in two Jordanian entrepreneurial companies that are working in the information technology sector in order to help them grow and expand.

According to Ibrahim Mubaydeen from “Al-Ghad” News who had an interview with Tahabsem – the one who runs a Jordanian company that has grown and evolved to issue today its solutions and products in the field of e-learning and institutional solutions to 21 different countries around the world – said that ITG is in the final process of the agreement and it will be announced in the appropriate time.

Tahabsem stated in his interview to Mubaydeen that ITG is willing to invest in other leading entrepreneurial companies, noting that their aim is not to fully control or acquire those companies, but to help them grow and expand with only 25% of company’s shares in return.

On the other hand Tahabsem linked between the leadership in information technology, intellectual property and value added, which could be provided by these companies to successfully return an excellent productive projects, assuring that such cases needs a lot of hard work and follow-up to create a real Excellence.

Mubaydeen mentioned ITG’s commitment in social responsibility and its initiative to help students complete their studies in Jordanian universities, noting that this is not an act of charity but a duty to the community in which the company has grown and evolved years ago.

Depending on what Tahabsem said to Mubaydeen in the interview, he mentioned how an idea by itself is not enough for a successful entrepreneurial distinct project, but it lies in the importance of being patient in facing difficulties, challenges and risks that may face that idea and convert them into opportunities.

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