ITG Showcases its Leading e-Learning Platform EduWave™


Jordanian company Integrated Technology Group participates as a leading sponsor at the Middle East Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference, MELT held in Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah on April 5th & 6th 2005.

Integrated Technology Group, a Jordanian leading IT company participates as a main sponsor in the Middle East Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference MELT, held in Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah, on April 5th & 6th 2005. The event gathers top regional and international industry experts, and addresses developments in learning technologies and solutions.


ITG’s participation at MELT is based on its belief of the significance and focus of this exhibition and conference.

“This is an important event.” said Batoul Ajlouni, VP/Business Development at ITG. “It comes at a crucial time where the regional interest and involvement in e-learning is growing at a remarkable rate.” she continued.

During the conference, ITG will demonstrate its leading e-Learning Platform EduWave™ in both its (K-12) and (Higher-Ed) editions. Through conducting special workshops on both days of the event, ITG will showcase its World Summit Award Winning Platform EduWave™. The demonstration will include the product’s comprehensive functions and features, and how it serves as a unique model for 21st century teaching and learning.

ITG will also demonstrate its most recent deployment of EduWave™ in the Kingdom of Bahrain. During the Expert Track on Education, ITG, joined by officials from the Bahraini Ministry of Education, will present highlights of the project as a case study of unique countrywide e-learning deployments.

The firm will also present a special keynote, reflecting its vision to “How true e-Learning can become a reality for countries, regions, and the world at large”. This keynote will highlight the concerns, challenges and objectives of educational communities worldwide, and the factors leading to successful application of e-learning.

“ITG is a leading player in the regional and international e-learning arena. We consider this event as an opportunity to share our unique vision and approach, and showcase EduWave™ to the region.” Said Walid Tahabsem, ITG’s Chief Executive Officer.

EduWave™ is a web-based, end-to-end e-Learning Platform that serves as a unique model for 21st century teaching and learning. Fully developed by the Integrated Technology Group, EduWave™ is the most comprehensive e-learning platform available in the Global marketplace, serving all stakeholders in the learning community. EduWave™ is a multilingual solution and is available in two editions (K-12) and (Higher-Ed). It includes learning, content, instructional, and student Management, all integrated in one solution.

Based on international industry standards, learning outcomes and learning objects, EduWave™ is a flexible customizable solution that allows educational bodies to shape their learning process, while sharing knowledge and resources. EduWave™ is also a scalable solution, and the only e-learning platform worldwide that caters for countrywide deployment and can serve millions of users.

EduWave™ is deployed Countrywide in Jordan and in Bahrain, serving around 1.5 million users. It is also deployed in a number of school districts in the US state of New Jersey.

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