ITG unveils EduWave mobile app running on Windows 8

ITG_logo_2xThe Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia launched the application of “Noor” on mobile and tablet devices, as a result of ITG’s development of a new version of EduWave integrated with Microsoft 8, to serves more than 10 million users, of whom 5.5 million students in about 34,000 schools, teachers, administrators, decision-makers and parents, making “Noor” one of the most important projects in electronic services across the Kingdom.

The Ministry took this step to keep up with the rapid development in areas of technology all over the world, which is witnessing a shift towards mobile phones and tablets; developing this application to run smoothly on these devices for immediate and easy login by users allows students to follow their progress and findings and check schedules among many other things, in addition to the possibility of teachers using it to increase their productivity, it also provides the parents with an opportunity to monitor their children and communicate directly with teachers.

Dr. Jarallah Al-Ghamdi Advisor and General Supervisor of the National Information Center of Education in the Ministry, emphasized that the increasing use of modern technology in the world has created an urgent need for development particularly in the educational sector, for it is the basis to building our future generations. The ministry always strives to provide the latest technology available to students and all it’s employees to achieve the transformation towards a knowledge based society. Jarallah clarified that their vision sheds light on technology being the best way to achieve outstanding performance, and provide assistance to the teachers and leverage the strategic roles in the school.

From his side Mr. Nabih Hamza, director of the education sector at Microsoft Arabia expressed how pleased he was with this decision, which represents a source of pride for Microsoft, and elaborated that this event came in parallel with launch of Windows 8 platform in the Kingdom. He added highlighting that “Noor”, which runs through EduWave and has about 2,700 features and functions, many of them are now appllied on mobile and tablet devices through Windows 8 platform, including advanced search, alerts, reports, and many other benefits.

Commenting on this event, ITG’s president and CEO Mr. Walid Tahabsem -partner in developing “Noor” project- said: “The Company’s development of the application on the Windows 8 platform, has contributed to achieve many of the project’s objectives, including the ability to access and interact with the system and its functions through mobile and tablet devices for all users.” Tahabsem added: “We are proud of this great achievement, which required a lot of effort, and we hope that the Ministry will continue pursuing its path of rising with Education to provide the best educational opportunities and possibilities for all students in the Kingdom.”

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