Launching MoTA E-Services by ITG

In a press conference, attended by his excellency the Minister of Labor Mr. Samir Murad, General Director of the Department of Lands and Survey Mr. Mu’in al-Sayig, also Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Mr. Issa Gammoh, MoICT Secretary General Mr. Nader Thneibat, and the General Intelligence Department representative, ten e-services were launched as part of the e-transformation plan inspired by the guidelines of His majesty King Abdullah II for governments to facilitate the transactions for citizens and investors.

Among the services that Integrated Technology Group (ITG) provided according to a signed business agreement with MoTA, which were announced available by Mr. Issa Gammoh, are requests for renewals, data modification, license cancellations, in addition to issuing replacements for lost or damaged ones for hotel facilities, tourism restaurants, tourism offices, antiques shops, and tour guides.

H.E. Mrs. Majd Shweikeh, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, added that governmental services witnessed a new stage of technological development regarding its performance aiming at facilitating the user’s journey to obtaining the services and dealing with any obstacles, and as a result, saving money, time, and effort for both service provider and client, in addition to facilitating the process of inquiring about requests, dispensing with paper-based transactions, ensuring information security, and prevention of falsification. Moreover, it helps increasing the transparency, improving the efficiency of dealing with non-governmental organizations and institutions, and increasing governmental income.

Her Excellency also added that more e-services will be launched during 2018 within the framework to provide more than (500) e-services for citizens and investors by 2020.

During the press conference, one of the services that are implemented by ITG was displayed through a demo, explaining the process of restaurant license renewal online, in addition to another demo on fees exemption in the Department of Lands and Survey from their side.

It is worth mentioning that ITG was founded in 1989, and it is one of the leading companies in the IT sector among Jordan and many countries, marked by their high quality e-solutions services, empowering individuals and society and helping institutions increase their efficiency, productivity, and profit.

April 4th 2018

Amman, Jordan