The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities signed an agreement with “Integrated Technology Group ” for the development of electronic services

Tourism has become an essential player in Jordan economy, and recently showed remarkable growth in terms of revenues, Integrated Technology Group and the Ministry of Tourism signed of an agreement for the development of e-services on Tuesday 23/8/2016, it was signed by the company Excellency the President of the Board of Directors Mr. Walid Tahabsem and her ministry Ms. Lena Annab in the presence of Her Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mrs. Majd Shwaika.

The agreement included the improvement of the business environment in the UK encourage investment and improve the services provided to the categories of beneficiaries, through the improvement of the investment environment in the tourism sector to attract more investment, and provide channels and methods of a wider and more effective for electronic services.

Said by the Annab that This agreement comes within the framework of government attention to the shift to electronic trading; for its e-Government concepts of the great benefits of the Jordanian economy, and the development and improvement of e-services, indicating that the signature comes in implementation of the ministry’s vision to convert to electronic services fully and to make it easier for service recipients.

Indicated by Annab it has been prepared the tender documents of the e-government program in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Sector Development, and selection services for the first phase of the electronic transformation plan according to their importance and frequency, and Technical Readiness with partners to provide the service, which is to renew, modify and cancel careers hotels license services, renovation, modification and cancellation of license occupations tourist restaurants, renovation, modification and cancellation of occupations stores and concerns souvenir licenses, renewed, modify and cancel careers offices and travel and tourism companies licenses, renewed, modify and cancel professions tour guides license.

The Minister for Communications and Information Technology Mrs. Majd Shwaika who attended the signing, said that the infrastructure are ready to find the e-services overlap between the public and private sector in the UK, pointing out that e-transformation in the tourism sector began the process of this project, which will have an impact on improving the business environment.

It was considered by the President of the Board of Directors Mr. Walid Tahabsem that the project of the development of electronic of the important projects of services as a complement to the range of services and products offered by the company, which helps the official bodies to provide better services to citizens and customers and facilitate the work of staff and streamline internal procedures of these institutions.