Online Student Registration at the University of Nizwa Completed Successfully through EduWave™


Students at the University of Nizwa, Oman successfully complete their second semester registration online for the academic year 2005/2006 using the comprehensive e-Learning Platform EduWave™ deployed at the University.

The University announced yesterday that its student registration activities for the second semester -academic year 2005/2006 have been successfully completed. Students began registration two weeks ago using the EduWave™ e-learning platform which was recently deployed at the University by Integrated Technology Group. Around 1,100 students registered online over a period of three days, and have also concluded their drop/add activities successfully the week after. of Nizwa

“We are extremely happy with the results.” Said Mr. Abdulmunem Al-Kharusi, Director, Center for Information Systems at Nizwa. “The procedures went exceptionally smooth, students were very comfortable registering online through EduWave™, and most importantly, the results were immediate and accurate which in turn saves our staff and students tremendous time and effort.”

EduWave™’s online registration component covers the complete registration procedures. Registrars can set, manage and maintain registration activities including course catalogues and study plans, setting course fees, among other features. Students can access their registration information including their study plans and programs, tuition details, available courses, course sections and class schedules, and can register according to their specific requirements in a user friendly environment.

“This is a proud achievement,” said ITG’s Technology Manager Mr. Husein Kattab, “especially that the registration system was fully deployed and activated within one month.” He added, “We are confident that the unique technologies and solutions offered by ITG can best serve the University in specific and the Higher-Education community at large.”  of Nizwa

The activation of the online registration system is part of a major project being implemented at the University, where an integrated e-learning and Enterprise Resource Planning solution -EduWave™ and WaveERP™ is being deployed. This project comes through an agreement that was signed with Integrated Technology Group in October 2005, and is expected to be completed in March, 2006. The project is considered a major milestone in the University’s continued efforts towards providing unique education and educational services in the Sultanate of Oman. of Nizwa




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