Reshaping Education Technology

ITG_logo_2xThere’s never a shortage of hypes in the world of technology, and with Twitter et al., word spreads fast and goes viral in record time.  One of the recent hypes we’re witnessing, and definitely one of the most noticeable ones in today’s knowledge age is Apple’s eBook.  The company – Apple – has spent the last decade reinventing content distribution models in the entertainment industry and has more or less out-performed everyone else.  With its iBooks application, Apple raised the market profile of electronic book tools, and published a platform that helped publicize the significance of digitizing educational material. Soon enough, the concept of education will never be the same again!

But education hasn’t been the same for some time now. Well, at least for some 42 thousand educational institutions around the globe and more than 12 million users who have been enjoying the benefits of e-education, somefor almost a decade now! Integrated Technology Group (ITG), a Jordanian company, launched its EduWave as early as 2002 and has been reshaping education technology since then.  The company is thrilled that the world has finally picked up on the importance of quality electronic education which it has been advocating for a long time now. This stems from the company’s passion to empower education communities globally by providing them with the most extensive innovative technologies and solutions.

ITG’s own innovation, which compares to Apple’s iBooks, is called BookZero. The BookZero application is uniquely designed to serve as an integral part of the total education system, and is only one of the many components that form ITG’s comprehensive solution EduWave. Most importantly, EduWave is a whole lot more than a platform to distribute digital content; it is a dramatic revolution within the total education process that boosts the learning experience by making it active, stimulating and engaging. In short, EduWave offers new and compelling ways in education allowing stakeholders to engage in virtually every aspect of the teaching and learning process.

Over the past decade, ITG’s EduWave touched the lives of millions of students in many countries including the United States of America, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and of course its home-country Jordan.  Building on the global hype about eBooks, ITG is optimistic that the world is finally on its way to adopt a comprehensive approach to educate students digitally regardless of their location or ability to access quality education through othermeans that many will never be able to afford.

Raed Bilbessi

CEO & Founder Pinnacle Business and Marketing Consulting

Former CEO & Chairman of Int@j