Signing an agreement with Naua non-profit online platform

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) and “Naua” electronic platform have signed a strategic partnership agreement that provides ITG with the necessary financial support to the platform, which connects donors to civil society organizations by hosting community-based charitable and community development projects.


“Naua’s” non-profit electronic platform aims to connect donors to civil society organizations by hosting charitable and community development projects.
 Integrated Technology Group’s support for the “Naua” platform will include the financing of projects and projects belonging to charitable societies, which will positively reflect on society and contribute to spreading awareness about social responsibility.  And the founder of “Naua” Chairman of the Board Mr. Saad Muasher.
 Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Waleed Habasam, CEO of ITG, said that he believes in the importance of social responsibility and that he is always looking for all ways to serve the community.


 “Our aim is to consolidate the tripartite partnership between civil society organizations, private sector companies and individual donors to support a variety of charitable and development initiatives through the “naua” platform, which will facilitate the search for Support and follow-up social and charitable initiatives. Our partnership with ITG is strategic in nature, with a wide range of experience in enabling innovation and innovation in IT and software. ITG will become a founding partner of the “naua” platform and will join a number of platform support companies Including MasterCard, Zain, Jordan Ahli Bank, KBW Investment Company and a group of leading companies. We expect the launch of the platform before the end of this year. “


Integrated Technology Group has contributed a great deal of social responsibility and community development and has supported charitable initiatives including the private sector, government, education and health, including the Smart Phone for Government Schools in Jordan, the Global Refugee School Initiative and many other social initiatives.



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