Here are the features of the AMS:

Question Banks and Tests Creation

EduWave provides a dynamic easy to wizard which allows for the creation of questions and question banks. A question bank allows teachers to create a question once and save it for use in multiple assessments or assignments.

Assessment Publishing and Auto-Scheduling

With EduWave, assessment creators can control the process of publishing exams in terms of specifying each assessment's start and end dates and time, duration, specific exam rooms, selected devices, access passwords…etc and notify the students by SMS messaging and emails.

Taking Assessments

EduWave provides a variety of assessment types that are there to help teachers and students. Self-assessments are provided to help students learn and test themselves. Official / graded / certified assessments are officially graded and recorded in students GradeBook.


Assignments are another assessment type available through EduWave. It allows teachers to create, schedule, and publish assignments using text, graphics, and multimedia content.

Adaptive Assessments

EduWave offers adaptive assessment as a form of evaluation to assess each student individually, measure students' general needs and develop their skills and level of achievement through examination processes and adjust the level of difficulty to offer the suitable selection of questions based on the student level.


Teachers are able to create rubrics to align with the created assignments and assessments for given courses. Rubrics can be used with the various assessments types.

Automated Scoring and GradeBook

Assessments created through EduWave are automatically scored through EduWave’s grading tools, with the ability to use multiple scoring methods including numeric, letter, or percentile.

Assessments Reports

EduWave provides a variety of assessments related reports based on specific indicators, and statistics of students’ results, time spent, number of questions, publishing status, among others.


EduWave’s GradeBook is integrated with Copyscape, a plagiarism detection tool, for instructors to monitor any unethical behaviors made by students during assessment. Note that it requires integration with 3rd party service to work.


It’s easy for instructors to leave feedback for students about assignments, assessments and other important tasks while using EduWave. These comments remain on the student profile so that they can be referenced at any time.