UCET Conference

Mr. Chris Moggia and Mr. Adam Berns the Managing Director of ITG America, participated in the “UCET conference” in Utah, Salt Lake City, on March 22, 2018 with our consultants the “Silver Park Group”.

The conference was mostly attended by teachers and technology professionals from the K-12 community in Utah, and on the last day of the conference Mr. Chris Moggia along with Mr. Randy Favero (Silver Park Group) partook in a panel discussion that Mr. Favero hosted, the participants on the panel included the head of data networks for Utah, the top data interoperability in the state of Utah, and a representative from the state office responsible for overseeing the state run SIS Aspire.

“UCET” is the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology, and they promote the cooperative development and effective use of information technology in education, as well as providing and bringing together any and all parties interested in the use of technology in education for the purpose of representing their varied interests to each other and to the public.