Walid Tahabsem a board member of the Jordan strategy forum

As a result of the significant contributions made by Integrated Technology Group in the field of information technology and the great role it represents in the development of the Jordanian economy, On 8/5/2017 Mr. Walid Tahabsem, Chairman and the Board of Directors of the Company, has been selected to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Jordan Strategy Forum 2017-2020, A real gateway for the private sector to participate effectively in economic issues at the national level

Since the establishment of the Integrated Technology Group in 1998, it has contributed to enhancing  Jordan’s position in the field of information technology. It has had a local, regional and international impact through its educational, institutional and governmental software solutions developed and developed in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

About Walid Tahabsem:

After receiving his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Yarmouk University in Jordan, he founded Integrated Technology Group back in 1989. Today, as ITG President & CEO, Mr. Tahabsem leads one of the most successful IT companies offering quality end-to-end products and services for the education and public sectors in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Through the combination of his passion for technology and vision, he was able to grow ITG not only by size, geographic representation, and revenue, but also in technological innovation and in the application of the technology in various fields. His innovations include the development of the first Arabic artificial intelligent parser, and the creation of an Electronic Data Interchange solution, implemented in many large European institutions, in addition to one of the top education solutions; EduWave® which currently holds the largest base of countrywide deployments and users worldwide.

Over the years, Mr. Tahabsem has been an active member of a number of key national boards, councils, and associations including; Jordan’s National Agenda, Jordan’s Board of Education, Jordan University for Science and Technology (JUST) Advisory Council, German Jordan University (GJU) Advisory Council, Information Technology Association of Jordan (INT@J) Board, and Jordan’s Youth Development Program INJAZ. Mr. Tahabsem currently serves on the Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein School Board and Jordan’s ICT Advisory Council, and is also a board member of the Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF). He also serves on the “Endeavor” Board of Directors since 2013, recently taking over as Chairman of the Board, due to his belief in the active role Endeavor plays in enhancing the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. He is also a co-founder and a board member of the Oasis500, the region’s premier education and counsellor driven seed investment program. In addition, he is an active member of Saudi Al-Aghar Thinktank, a nonprofit and independent Think-Tank aiming to transform Saudi Arabia to a Knowledge Society.

Recently, and in recognition for his outstanding efforts and leadership in the improvement of information technology and education sector in Jordan, he was awarded by His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein with the Order of Independence to become the first Jordanian honoured in this category. And also he has been granted honorary membership certificate in the Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought In recognition of his scientific and technical efforts.

About Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF):

Jordan Strategy Forum is a leading think tank on Economic development. Founded on August 30, 2012, JSF was formed in order to enable the private sector to engage in constructive dialogue on local economic issues and achieve comprehensive economic development. From start-ups to established companies and medium-sized firms, JSF consists of a variety of companies, in addition to scholars and specialists of the Jordanian economy.

By combining the efforts made by the private sector in consensus with scholars and specialists in the economy, JSF strives to create a sustainable economic development strategies and raise awareness around development issues, in addition to enhance the private sector’s role in inclusive economic development through:

  • Establishing our role as a think tank by proposing sustainable economic strategies and analyzing policies as well as assessing their impact on the economy from a macro perspective; and fostering active relationships with decision-makers at every level in government.
  • Initiating debates between all stakeholders interested in improving economic policies through holding conferences and discussion sessions, as well as publishing our studies and research through  newspapers, social media and our website.
  • Developing and maintaining a strong and successful private sector, with high competitiveness capabilities, that is committed to improving the economic environment in Jordan through creating jobs, supporting local communities, and spreading prosperity across all segments in society.

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