Yarmouk University cooperate with ITG and Eskadenia


Yarmouk University has completed yesterday part of its project (Technical Incubators) that have been created recently in cooperation with Integrated Technology Group (ITG) and Eskadenia – Industrial companies that are working in the telecommunications and information technology sectors - by signing 2 agreements with Yarmouk University.

The project aims to help in enhancing students’ technical skills, through practical teaching and participation in educational activities; which is considered as an efficient way to have qualified students to enter the labor market.

The President of Yarmouk University, Dr. Fayez Al Khasawneh signed the contract with Mr. Walid Tahabsem – Chairman of ITG – and with the Deputy General Director of Eskadenia. Al khasawneh assured the complementary relation between the private sector and the universities. He also confirmed his willingness to bridge the gap between the outputs of education and the requirements of the national industry.

Tahabsem considered that the incubators project will be a success story to supply ITG with qualified candidates. He added that the training period in the incubators, which extends for 6 months, will reflect positively on the company, in addition to its impact on graduates performance to assist them in engaging the labor market quickly. 

It is expected to train more than 50 students on the incubator each semester. Each student will receive a symbolic reward between (50-100) JOD per month; Many research incubators works with the association of industrial sectors such as the British MBRM company, computers and communication system incubators,  IT experts incubator, MobileCom incubator and recently ITG and Eskadenia Incubator.


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